Top 12 Favorite Gift Certificates to Give in the Philippines

Sep 01, 2022



What are the top 12 gift cards to give in Metro Manila and the Philippines nowadays? The classic brands still remain, but there are a whole lot of other options nowadays that are gaining popularity with the advent of electronic gift certificates.  Here is our objective opinion and in no particular ranking:


#1 SM: You can buy just about anything with an SM Gift Pass – Groceries, appliances, clothing, and even bowling tickets! And, the best part is, anyone from any barangay in the Philippines can enjoy an SM Gift Pass!


#2 Robinson’s: Robinsons also has a wide selection of just about anything nationwide. Whether its True Value, Daiso Japan or some basic essentials at Robinson’s Supermarket, these gifts are sure to be loved by your recipient.

#3 The Gifted.PH Gift Card: The best restaurants in town, upcoming fashion designers and fitness passes are some of the things you can get with the Gifted.PH Gift Card. They are sent electronically too. Choose the Gifted Gift Card Plus if you want your recipients to choose more brands with their gift.

#4 The Bistro Group Gift Card: Dine with discounts in more than 13 different restaurant concepts from good old TGI Friday’s and Italianni's to things like Buffalo Wild Wings, Modern Shanghai, Bulgogi Brothers and all day dining spots like Denny’s. There’s a dining experience for every occasion and craving!

#5 >Zalora: The gift of looking good in one card. Help people splurge for themselves by giving them no choice but to buy a nicely tailored dress, a designer bag or a sophisticated comfortable pair of heels.

#6 Jollibee: Put a smile to faces of young and old with this good old classic treat. Can never go wrong with a Yum Burger!

#7 Rustan’s Gift Certificate: A Rustan’s gift certificate gives you access to a treasure trove of latest fashion and beauty products, as well as gifts for children and the home.

#8 Chris Sports Gift Certificates: Here you can get a pair of shoes, new sports attire, the latest badminton racket or gym equipment for home. It is a simple reminder to your recipient to never forget their health!

#9 Lazada: One of our favorite one stop shops, the Lazada Gift Card is useful to anyone to buy anything under the sun!

#10 Shopee: Looking for more options of anything and everything?  A Shopee gift card is like giving a fun shopping spree to your guests.

#11 BeautyMNL: Give the gift of beauty with these gift cards!

#12 Contis: With a Contis gift voucher, you can send a cake or a platter for someone's special day without missing a beat!


And of course, all these gift vouchers are available in Gifted.PH! We wouldn't be a gift certificate company if we didn't have these vouchers on hand! Simply choose the brand and denomination, and have this sent to the person’s mailing address. For some of the brands like SM and Robinson’s, Gifted will still need to ship this to your mailing address since electronic options are not yet available. These delivery and fulfillment services come with a small fee, which is still better than going to the mall yourself and getting stuck in traffic just to simply get a gift.