Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc.


About Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF)

Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation (CCEF) is a non-profit organization that has been actively protecting and rehabilitating coastal areas for the past 20 years. A comprehensive approach is taken in the management and sustainable use of coastal resources which includes collaboration with the local government to restore marine habitat, and educating and training the local community  on how they can support the recovery and conservation of marine species. However, overfishing and pollution continue to put a strain on our coastal resources and the onslaught of typhoons and global warming puts is further at risk.   With over 70 million Filipinos residing in coastal communities across the country, the need to protect the coast is greater than ever--- not only to secure our food supply, but to secure the future of the next generation.

Overfishing in the West Philippine Seas is a major cause of concern. Supply of caught fishes have declined.  The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) reported that 10 out of 13 fishing grounds or about 75% of the country’s fishing sites are already overfished. Millions of Filipinos living in the coastal areas have little understanding on the effects of pollution and over-exploitation of coastal resources.   CCEF educates communities in the coastal areas on how human activities threaten their livelihood and the food supply of millions of Filipinos.


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