Our Awesome Planet

Jun 28, 2015
"Gifted.PH is an online internet startup in Manila that aims to provide an easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts to the people that matter to you anytime, anywhere you are. Finally, we now have an online Gift Certificate service in Manila!" Read more about what Our Awesome Planet has to say by clicking on the image.

ABS CBN News - The Business Mentor

Jun 08, 2015
"I had a hunch that I may not be the only person with a gift-giving problem. There are 33 million Filipinos online right now with 17 million of them with a capacity to shop online. In addition, there are 11 million OFWs who wish they could give their gifts on time to their loved ones despite the long distance." Read more here.

Mornings @ ANC

Dec 01, 2015
Thank you Mornings@ANC and Gretchen Ho for taking time to learn about Gifted.PH! We enjoyed guesting at your show :)

Rogue Magazine

Jun 01, 2015
"Really great idea,  If I knew about it sooner I could have done more traffic/stress-free shopping there over the holidays. It was too easy." -Paolo Reyes, Editor-in-Chief, Rogue Magazine  

Mommy Diaries

Jun 01, 2015
"When you send a GC through Gifted, you also get to choose nice gifts that you think your recipient will like. They have gift items for every member of the family! You also have the option to write thoughtful messages to accompany your greeting. This makes gift-giving convenient and practical for those living abroad!" Click here to go to the Mommy Diaries article.

Kikay Si Kat

Jun 01, 2015
"What I like about is how they simplify things by collating and collaborating with different brands The gift givers are given the choice which brand, and then the receiver gets to choose what specific item he/she wants. It's a win-win."  -Kikay Si Kat, Blogger Click here to read the full article.  


Jun 01, 2015
"What if we tell you there's actually a way to make it a more acceptable form of gift? Interested? There's a website for that!" "However, these are no ordinary GCs, ladies and gents! These are personalized GCs!" "So there you have it, a hassle-free way to buy and send GCs with a personal touch! The next time you're in a gift-giving conundrum give a try."    

Manila Fashion Observer

Jun 01, 2015
"Discovery of the Day: GiftedPH changes the way we give and receive gifts. With Gifted, we can give or receive gift certificates, complete with a note & a suggestion from the giver on what to spend it on. Ultimately, we may spend it any way we like. Which makes gift giving easier. No white elephants!" -Christine Dychiao, Blogger, Manila Fashion Observer  

Tim Yap

Jun 01, 2015
"I’ve been Gifted: Such an easy way of giving gifts~great brand roster from @gifted_ph, too! Perfectly personalized that I can choose a gift that I want and need. It's not my birthday anymore but why need a reason to give gifts?"

Bianca Roque

Jun 01, 2015
"Gift giving made easy! You can now buy gift certificates for anyone without getting stuck in traffic or worrying about what gift to give! ❤️"

Jun 01, 2015
"Today is my brother’s birthday and I know this makes me sound like I’m such a bad sister, but I totally forgot (if you’re reading this, I’m sorry bro). So when I was introduced to this site called, I immediately visited the page to see if it was any good. Luckily, I may have just found the answer to my genetic forgetfulness."  

Camille Co

Jun 28, 2015
"My mom always tells us not to buy her any more stuff because she has too many of everything already, so hitting the mall to scout for her gift wasn’t an option. I went online instead and checked out Gifted.PH–the first online gift certificate retail website in the Philippines where you can shop gift certificates from over 50 of Manila’s well-loved local and international establishments. Each gift certif...

Smart Parenting

Aug 15, 2015
Gifted got featured on Smart Parenting! Click on the image to see the article.


Aug 15, 2015
Eureka Moment: Gifted.PH
I am a fan of gift-giving!  I love giving gifts to my loved ones even on NO Occasion!  The only downside is, I don't see my friends or other family members often!  Especially now, with my extremely busy schedule, I can't even deliver gifts to my friends who have birthdays, anniversaries or just to let them know "I'm still here and I care!".
Material things, as I said over and over again, aren't ...


Aug 15, 2015
"Limitation in time and distance usually makes it very difficult to continue the tradition of gift-giving. With the coming of the “Ber” months leading to the longest holiday we have which is Christmas, gift-giving options like Gifted are very timely and useful. The good thing about it is that it is available all year-round, ready to serve us whatever the occasion.
As early as now, I am planning my own gift-giving strategy that is why ...

Zee Lifestyle

Aug 25, 2015
Gifted is one of Zee Lifestyle's top picks for a gift for mom!    

Kabayan Weekly

Aug 25, 2015
Send gifts to your loved ones in PH with
DUBAI – For Filipinos, relationships are the number one priority. We want what’s best for our loved ones.
But often, we lack time to find the perfect gifts to show the people who matter how much we appreciate them. A million things get in the way such as heavy traffic, crowded malls, parenting duties, exams, work deadlines and long distance. To make matters worse, once you fina...

365 Stories to Tell

Nov 17, 2015
Time to get thoughtful and Gifted PH is here to help!

It's that time again, Christmas! Definitely my favorite holiday of the year. You'll be hearing the bells again, the city lights become brighter even more, the weather becomes colder and you'll just always hear the Christmas music everywhere you go. Either a cafe, malls or even restaurants, it's like they're always remind there you that Christmas is just around the cor...

Carol Ranas

Nov 29, 2015 Launch at Stella Wood Fire Bistro BGC
It was a warm welcome when the Gifted team invited us for a light snack to introduce a new way to gift gifts, specially this holiday season. is an online retail website that utilizes gift certificates to be sent out as personalized gifts. Gifted chose Stella Wood fire Bistro as the place to held their event.

Stella Wood Fire bistro is one of the restaurants under the Raintre...

Aldous Ate the World

Nov 21, 2015
Shop Hassle Free at + Return to Stella

It's that time of the year again. 'Tis the season to be nice to everyone, happy for the Christmas bonus and well angry at the horrendous traffic. The traffic in this country will only get worse as everyone transforms into gift shopping mode this holiday season. Don't fear though, Gifted is here. Gifted is a website that allows you to shop and send gifts online. You can also customize y...

Sand Under My Feet

Nov 20, 2015
We can't deny it that the holiday season is upon us evident by the worse traffic around Metro Manila and the swarm of people that trail to the mall even on weekdays. I know by this time everyone of us is already making a list of who we're gonna gifts to and what to give them. Admit it or not, it's really hard to give gifts to people, especially those who almost like have everythi...

The Hungry Employee

Nov 25, 2015

On this very day, it’s going to be less than a month before Christmas is here. Have you created your Christmas list? Have you checked it twice? Have you ticked who’s naughty or nice? Haha…so corny of me. But really, the holidays are upon us again and yes, it’s time for some Christmas shopping. It’s time once again to head out and search for what our loved ones would...

Roch Kirstin

Feb 01, 2016
My boyfriend claims with confidence that he’s an expert when it comes to gift-giving. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or other celebration, he always has a huge variety of ideas for gifts that are sure to impress. I’m quite the opposite and I know I’m not alone. 
Many people have difficulties in choosing the best present for their families ...

Sand Under My Feet

Feb 01, 2016
We can't deny it that the holiday season is upon us evident by the worse traffic around Metro Manila and the swarm of people that trail to the mall even on weekdays. I know by this time everyone of us is already making a list of who we're gonna gifts to and what to give them. Admit it or not, it's really hard to give gifts to people, especially those who almost like have everythi...

Berylle Kaye Hong

Feb 09, 2016
Gifted.PH- Gift Giving Made Easy This Valentine's Day! Get Thoughtful, Get Gifted.

Happy love month everyone! It's the season of love once again, and the time when restaurants are packed with diners struck by cupid's arrow is here. It's another season of hearts, flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, greeting cards and gift-giving among couples, friends and families. 
Got any plans for Valentine's Day yet? Don't know what to give t...

Kally Araneta

Feb 08, 2016

As the saying goes, "It's better to give than to receive." I love giving gifts because I like seeing the people I care about happy. But truth be told, it can be such a headache when I have absolutely no clue what to give themparticularly now that Valentine's Day is two days away. I went to the mall last weekend to try to look for the perfect gift but I left empty handed. It's a good thing that I saw an email f...

Mish Rendon

Feb 10, 2016
Try Out Unique Gift Giving this Valentines with

Valentines is just right around the corner and if you haven't gotten your special someone a present yet, you might think you are in a deep trouble. The thing about gift giving is that there's always the feeling that the present you're about to give is such a cliche or that it's too common and you feel like it's nothing special. You'll feel like these presents, in turn, won't likewise m...