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Aug 25, 2015

Send gifts to your loved ones in PH with

DUBAI – For Filipinos, relationships are the number one priority. We want what’s best for our loved ones.


But often, we lack time to find the perfect gifts to show the people who matter how much we appreciate them. A million things get in the way such as heavy traffic, crowded malls, parenting duties, exams, work deadlines and long distance. To make matters worse, once you finally find time to shop, you go around in circles finding the right gift. You wish you could just buy a gift certificate, but these are often perceived as an impersonal way to give gifts.


Thus the idea for Gifted.PH was born: A simple, easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts conveniently; made out of the desire to help people be more thoughtful despite their busy schedules.

The first of its kind in the Philippine market, Gifted is an online gift certificate retail website where you can send gift certificates (GCs) online anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Each GC is sent with a personalized greeting card and a recommended gift item, eliminating the perception of GCs being an impersonal gift, and making giving GCs more acceptable, fun and personal. The GC can be sent to your recipient for free via email, and they simply needs to print and present it in the store. Or you can have it shipped in a small memorable gift box.

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"Gifted is also a great way for Overseas Filipinos or those who live far away to stay in touch. Instead of wiring money impersonally or missing important milestones altogether, you can now send a GC with a thoughtful message and be on time with your gifts despite being thousands of miles away."