Sand Under My Feet

Nov 20, 2015


We can't deny it that the holiday season is upon us evident by the worse traffic around Metro Manila and the swarm of people that trail to the mall even on weekdays. I know by this time everyone of us is already making a list of who we're gonna gifts to and what to give them. Admit it or not, it's really hard to give gifts to people, especially those who almost like have everything already they need or might need. 


I can't be anymore honest, when I say I always end up buying Christmas gifts that can fall to something so generic and very impersonal, gifts without much thoughtfulness and warmth in it. And I bet my ass on it, that most of the gifts I give out end up in some storage box somewhere. How do I know that? Because I also get gifts that I don't even get to use even to this day. 


Thank goodness for innovative ideas like Gifted.PH. I was invited to the launch of Gifted, became curious about it, excited to know more about it especially knowing that Christmas is right around the corner, would be great option to do some gift shopping for my loved ones. The launch was held at Stella Wood Fire Bistro at BGC. 


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 "Gifted.PH is changing the way Filipinos give gifts. Sending gifts has never been so easy. Welcome to the future of gift giving!"

"The idea for Gifted.PH is: A simple, easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts conveniently; made out of the desire to help people be more thoughtful despite their busy schedules."