The Hungry Employee

Nov 25, 2015



On this very day, it’s going to be less than a month before Christmas is here. Have you created your Christmas list? Have you checked it twice? Have you ticked who’s naughty or nice? Haha…so corny of me. But really, the holidays are upon us again and yes, it’s time for some Christmas shopping. It’s time once again to head out and search for what our loved ones would love to have on that very festive day. It’s time to rush to the traffic or rather getting stuck in it. Before you know it, the shopping malls have closed and your shopping day is scheduled to another day. With one’s busy schedule, how could one buy thoughtful gifts that are personalized and fast? Well, let Gifted make your gift giving easy.



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"With one’s busy lifestyle, this service makes it very convenient to shop. A big plus too ‘coz it was very easy to use. I tried this one out, and got to send my gift in a flash!"