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About SureHelath Plus Card

Give the gift of Surehealth! With a SureHealth Plus Card, your loved ones can avail of unlimited consultations with general physicians (all clinic branches) and unlimited access to telemedicine service, TelAventusMD – a 24/7 health and medical consultation service. In addition to these, they can also get other healthcare perks like a fixed P600 fee for specialist doctors (all clinic branches) and discounts like 10% off on laboratory and diagnostic service, free dental consultation and 10% discount on other dental procedures. Quality healthcare services provided by Aventus Medical Care, inc.

Aventus Medical Care, Inc., is the foremost Corporate Healthcare Service Provider in the Philippines today, committed to providing efficient and enhanced healthcare and medical services for its clients, with the view of crediting a healthy corporate work environment and vibrant business society. Gain access to one year of unlimited clinic consultations and telemedicine services through TelAventusMD teleconsultation with our affiliated doctors and enjoy generous discounts on various medical procedures. Please see here for a list of branches: For the list of branches/clinics, visit to:

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