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About Binulbulan Island Donation

Binulbulan Island Needs Water too.

Binulbulan Island is a small island just off to the Northern tip of Palawan with a population of only 214.The local comunity is mostly indigenous, comprised of tribesmen of the Tagbanua and the Cuyunon. They have a fresh water source in the form of a spring, but it isn't enough for the needs of the community.A trip to Taytay, where they get water, is a two-to-three hour journey for water that cost sixty (60) pesos for twenty gallons.

WWF were planning on giving them 2 rainwater-collecting tanks, for a total cost of 100,000 pesos. We've raised P50, P500 so far and we only need P49,500 so we can construct 2 rainwater-collecting tanks before the rainy season.

The tanks will be installed on the sole public school on the island, so that the water be accessible to all who call the island home. You've helped us help Paly already. Now it's Binulbulan's turn. Let's do what we can for our indigenous friends


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