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About WWF-Let's Light Up Campaign

We now live in the Digital Age, and yet some communities in the Philippines still cannot light up their own houses after the sun sets.

Burias and Ticao Islands are located in the Province of Masbate. According to the 2015 census, Burias Island has a population of 90,300 while Ticao Island has 95,129. Burias Island has two municipalities: Claveria and San Pascual, while Ticao Island has four municipalities: Batuan, Monreal, San Fernando, and San Jacinto.

Boca Engano is a barangay in the municipality of Claveria, a 3rd class municipality located at the Burias Island. As determined by the 2015 Census, the barangay has a population of 1,976, which represents 4.52% of the total population of Claveria. Guinhadap, on the other hand, is a barangay in the municipality of Monreal, a 4th class municipality located at the Ticao Island. As determined by the 2015 Census, the barangay has a population of 2,527, which represents 9.5% of the total population of Monreal. 

These two barangays need your immediate help!

Most of the children in Barangays Boca Engano and Guinhadap still need to finish their homework before dark. Fishermen go out and still use kingki or the kerosene lamp, which contains sulfur and other impurities that can give an unpleasant oily smell when it burns. The smell can oftentimes cause the fishermen to suffer from headaches. Some households are fortunate to have generators that they use as a source of income. They share their electricity to other households for P20 per bulb, which only lasts for 6 hours - from 6pm to 12 midnight.

With your help, we know we can raise P600,000 to provide 400 solar lights to the community of Boca Engano and Guinhadap. We now have handheld devices that can provide lights with just one tap. Together, we can #ChangeTheEnding and send them the gift of light today!


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