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Donsol is a third class municipality in the province of Sorsogon, with a population of 49,711 according to the 2015 Census. Local and international tourists know of Donsol because of the whale shark interactions, a common sight during the months of March and April. The presence of the Whale Shark, locally known as the Butanding, has contributed to the improvement of Donsol’s local economy, improving the livelihoods of many people.

The Butanding Interaction Officers, popularly known as the BIO, are the frontliners of Donsol’s whale shark tourism, acting as both tour guides and life guards. They ensure order and safety, making the interactions enjoyable for everyone, even for those who lack swimming skills. As long as the whale sharks regularly visit the waters of Donsol, the BIO will continue to work to provide services for tourism and to help in the protection of the environment.

Currently, there are 50 BIOs in Donsol, and they are in need of swimming masks, snorkels, fins, and rashguards. With your help, we can provide these materials needed by our BIO so they can continue providing quality service to support the economy of the Donsol community.

Let’s protect the protectors of our whale sharks. Together, let’s support our BIO as they continue to #ChangeTheEnding for our endangered butandings as well as the local community of Donsol!


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