10 Creative Twists to Employee Rewards to Give to Your Team

May 10, 2021

No words or material gift can ever be enough to thank your loyal teammates, colleagues and employees for the work that they have done. Sometimes, some of the rewards get cliché and under- appreciated because it’s the same old token or expected bonus. Rewards don’t have to come in a big fat bonus paycheck. Spice up things a bit and show your best employees that you are grateful enough to make life more interesting and rewarding for them. Here are some unique ways to do that:

1. Lunch with your bosses 

Invite your best employees to have lunch with the real people who call the shots in the company. Whether it is your boss, your boss’s boss, the managing director, president, chairman of the board, or owner of the company, hearing their perspectives and bouncing off ideas with these esteemed individuals will certainly broaden the horizons of your star employee and leave them feeling more and more accountable for the success of your company. In addition, having lunch in fine dining places around the metro like Prego Ristorante or quiet and exclusive meeting places at the Terraz Meetings and Bistro in Zuellig Building or a hearty buffet in Vikings will certainly be a perk and an experience for your best performers.

2. Team building

Team building is a given especially in some parts of the world, but make team building activities more special by having more personalized activities, such as self discovery activities, activities where your team can reflect, share and introspect on themselves and how the company is doing. There’s Gratchi’s in Tagaytay or Balai Isabel in Batangas, or other nearby places like Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar which have quiet conference areas amidst old reconstructed Spanish homes beside the pristine Bataan beachfront.

3. Sincerity of words

It’s not the amount of words or the delivery of flowery speeches, but the sincerity of them. Make sure you are sincere in each compliment you give and that you take time to point out each time your employee has done a good job

4. Quality time

Same as with words, it’s not the amount of time you spend with your employees, it’s the quality of time you spend. Don’t just have a one to one discussion for the sake of having one every month, and don’t be distracted with other things while having that discussion.  Even short fifteen minute discussions go a long way.

5. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers, especially the electronic kind, can now be easily sent to your employees immediately when they do a great job. Websites like Gifted.PH allow you to send gift certificate vouchers with a personalized greeting card, to make sure you thank your colleague for the specific great job they did

6. Family day

The reason why we work hard all day every day is to provide a great life for our family and loved ones. Bringing them to work to see you in action gives one a heartwarming feeling that keeps the fire burning for a long time.  Family days in nearby places like Benel Archery or LazerExtreme or Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy are well appreciated by both kids and adults alike. Make sure that when you host such activities, that you take time to actually meet or greet each member. It may seem a lot of work, but a smile goes a long way

7. Bring your kids to work

An extension off family day is bring your kids to work day.  Kids can understand better why mommy or daddy works so much, and perhaps gives them an idea of what they wish to aspire for one day.  It is rewarding for many employees to see a fluid and smooth existence of their work life and family life.

8. Trip to somewhere

This cant be easily afforded for leisure, but if your company is doing well, then why not treat your employees to a short vacation! Business trips though still for work are still considered rewarding nonetheless.  Or you can work with a travel agency like Uncharted Earth to find unique experiences. Make sure though that this is aligned with your employees’ idea of a reward since some, especially those with home matters, may find being away for long periods a chore.

9. Customizable benefits

Gone are the days where fixed benefits are applied to all employees of the company. Each person is different, so what one may consider a benefit may not be such a benefit for others. Gladly there are now companies such as Storm Benefits or Xoxoday that help you easily customize employee rewards depending on what they actually want or need in life.

10. Personalized tokens

Personalized tokens used to be cheesy but with the liberation of art and graphic design, there are now so many cute and creative personalized office tokens you can give to your employees.  With Gifted.PH, you can send them a personalized greeting card to let your employees know you how you appreciate them. Check out our Lazada, Zalora, and Galleon.PH voucher where they can choose wide variety option that they use every day in work and at home.

Employee rewards need not be so boring and monotonous, especially if you put a twist to it. Just a little effort from you can make life more colorful for your precious and hard working team!