Table of Contents:

  • General Inquiries
  • Gifted Gift Card Inquiries


General Inquiries


1.       How can I buy a gift certificate?

Simply choose a brand and personalize the gift by selecting a greeting card, typing in your message, and choosing a recommended gift item.  Pay using Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. Done!


2.       How do I redeem the Gift Certificate voucher? 

Redemption process depends on the brand. You will see this in the Gift Voucher as "How will the gift card be delivered" and "How do I use this gift card". Some brands require printed copy of the voucher emailed to you, others allow electronic copies while some traditional brands' gift certificates have to be delivered to your shipping address. So it is important to refer to the instructions that come with your Gift Voucher.


3.       How soon can you redeem the Gift Certificate?

We have a one (1) day payment verification for all orders. After which you should receive your gift voucher immediately or with some brands within 1-5 working days. You can double check the gift certificate’s terms and conditions for any instructions


4.       What kind of Gift Certificates can you buy in Gifted?

You can buy a gift certificate from over 160 of our gift certificate brands. These are either Electronic gift certificates, sent to your recipient's email address, or physical gift certificates, sent to your recipient's mailing adddress.


5.       How long will it take for the gift certificate to be delivered?

All order payments will be verified first. If you have purchased an electronic gift certificate, this will be delivered after order payment verification, usually within 1-3 working days.   If you placed your order during the weekend, it will be processed on the next working day.  If you have selected a physical gift certificate, it will be dispatched within 3 working days (excluding weekends).


6.       Does Gifted sell only Gift Certificates or products as well?

No, Gifted only sends gift certificates.


7.       What does each gift certificate come with?

Each Gifted Gift Certificate comes with a customized greeting card and a recommended gift item, making the giving of Gift Certificates more thoughtful and acceptable to give. 


8.       My gift certificate comes with a recommended gift item. Do I need to buy this item?

No, you do not need to buy the recommended gift item. You can use the gift certificate to buy any product that you want from the store.


9.       Does the gift certificates expire?

The gift certificates do not expire, except for Grab (3 months expiry) and AirAsia BIG (3 months to use the code. Once used, it will be available for 2 years in your AirAsia BIG App), Shopee (3 months), Red Ribbon and Jollibee (1 year)


10.   I need to change the name on the gift certificate voucher to another name. How?

No need. The Gifted-issued gift certificate is as good as cash.  Anyone can redeem it. 


11.   Is the gift certificate refundable?

No. The gift certificate is not refundable and non-convertible to cash.  


12.   I lost my gift certificate, how can I get it back?

It can be resent to you if not yet used. Send us an email via admin@gifted.ph. We will check that the gift certificate has not been used and will resend to you once validated.


13. I need to exchange my gift certificate


For certain brands, exchange is possible if the gift certificate is not yet used. However for other brands, exchange is not possible once the voucher has been sent out. Please contact admin@gifted.ph for more information.


Gifted.PH Gift Card Inquiries:


1.  How do I use my Gifted Gift Card?

  • Simply click on the Gift Card Link sent to your email and click on Claim Your Gift Certificate.  You will be asked to register the gift card under your first name, last name and your email address where the gift card was sent. You will proceed to the One Time PIN window.  Click "Send" to send the one time pin to your registered email address.  Enter the PIN into the window and submit.   Please allow a 0-1 working day verification of your gift card redemption. Once verified, you will receive an email to indicate that your wallet has been successfully loaded. Click on Select Brands to select your brand of choice.   The selected voucher will be emailed to you. Present this to the store via your mobile phone or printed copy.  You can select multiple vouchers and brands. Some brands may require a service fee.  Enjoy your gift!

  • Detailed Instructions:  For more detailed instructions and screenshots, visit this link.

2. Can I redeem my Gifted Gift Card directly to the merchants’ store?

  • No. You must select the brand first in the link provided. Once done, you can present the voucher emailed to you to the merchant store.

3. Where can I convert my Gifted Gift Card?

  • Gifted Gift Card can be redeemed for all the electronic brands listed in our platform, including the brands with service fees on top of its value (e.g. Lazada, SM, Robinsons, etc.).

4. What if my preferred brand is not on the drop down list?

  • You may have insufficient balance which means you cannot see brands which are only available in a higher denomination.   You can top up your order by selecting the “Topup” button found in the Gift Card link.  You will be asked to attach a deposit slip for the amount you want to topup.   Once loaded in the wallet, you can select multiple brand vouchers and brands that have service fees such as Lazada, SM, Robinsons, Rustan's, mobile load and gaming vouchers depending on the amount you received.  You may also topup your wallet if you would like to purchase a brand with a higher amount. The topup instructions are found on the link provided to you.   For all other inquiries, you can email us at admin@gifted.ph with your order number and redeem link.  Gcash is not included in the list of brands provided. You can Add to Wallet by clicking "Add to Wallet" in the link provided to you and entering your email address, first name, last name. Once verified, you will receive an email that your gift card has been be added to your wallet and link to select more brands. 


5. Can I convert my Gifted Gift Card to multiple brands?

  • Yes, just load your gift card amount into your Gifted Wallet by clicking "Add to Wallet" on the link provided to you to select multiple brands and vouchers.   

6. I accidentally convert my Gifted Gift Card to a brand that I didn’t intend to choose, can I still convert this to my preferred brand?

  • Gifted will verify if the voucher has not been used yet or if the brand policy requires that all voucher codes released are good as sold. If so, then Gifted can revert this back to the Gifted Gift Card so you can still convert this to your preferred brand.  Otherwise, we cannot revert this back anymore.

7. Does the Gifted Gift Card expire?

  • The Gifted Gift Card does not expire.

8. I lost my Gifted Gift Card, how can I get it back?

  • You can use this link to resnd your gift card: www.gifted.ph/resend.  Just enter your 17 digit order ID here which begins with "202.....".   Or you can request it to be re-sent to you: Just send us an email via admin@gifted.ph 

9. I need to resend the Gift Card to my email address

  •  You can use this link to resnd your gift card: www.gifted.ph/resend.  Just enter your 17 digit order ID here which begins with "202.....".   Or you can request it to be re-sent to you: Just send us an email via admin@gifted.ph

 10. What is the difference between Gifted Gift Card and Gifted Gift Card Plus?

  • You can select all our 170 gift certificate brands using both products.  Both cards allow for multiple voucher brand redemption. The only difference is that for Gifted Gift Card, the service fees of some brands are deducted from your wallet balance, whereas for Gifted Gift Card Plus, your recipient has paid for the service fees of those brands.     

11. My PIN is not working or I did not receive my PIN

  • Please check if you are using the right email address when waiting for your PIN
  • Please make sure you don't type any spaces when typing your PIN
  • Please make sure you clicked "Send PIN" on the link provided to you. Your PIN will only be emailed once you click Send PIN


12. I entered the PIN but did not receive any confirmation afterwards

  • It may be that your redemption has undergone a verification process, whicih takes 1 working day. You will receive an email once this is sucessfully verified so you can proceed to select your brands


13. My wallet balance is zero 

  • Please check if you have successfully claimed your card and added the amount to your Wallet. You should have entered your email address, first name and last name in order to do so, and received an email message that you have successfully added the amount to your wallet. If you have not received this yet, this means your redemption is still undergoing a verification which takes 1 working day. 
  • Please make sure you are entering the right email address in the link and checking for the email PIN in the same email address you entered