10 No Fail Gifts for Kids and Babies this Christmas

Nov 09, 2016

Gifts for kids and babies online

Contributed by Tina Relampagos

The Holiday spirit has arrived! The malls are decorated, streets are adorned with twinkling lights, that dusty tree is back in the living and the songs are just relentlessly jolly. Welcome to the Christmas season! These two months are going to be busy for all of us: get-togethers, reunions, parties, exchange gifts. Not to mention heavier traffic (when we all thought that’s impossible) and much less time because you have more errands, more time put in at work and of course, because of that traffic too.

But there’s no denying it, despite all the limitations, buying gifts is part of the season’s traditions. Giving gifts is what makes the Holidays special, especially for the little ones. Bringing joy to the precious additions to the family is practically the biggest event in our Christmas celebrations. Unfortunately, two things usually happen when getting gifts for kids. One, you’re not really sure if what you are buying is what they want, need or if they’ve had one to many of it. Two, what they want is most probably way beyond your budget. Our solution is to give them the gift of choice through gift certificates starting with the budget you had in mind. This way, they can get the gift they want, enjoy the experience of choosing that gift for themselves and you are given the opportunity to be a generous and thoughtful gift giver this Christmas.

With that in mind, let us help you make the first step in picking the most suitable brands as gifts for the kids in your life – your child, niece, nephew, godchild, grandchild, baby sister and baby brother.


For the Active little rascal

An early introduction to sports, dedication, passion and discipline is not just an exciting Christmas gift now, it will also do them well in the future. We suggest you give them Benel Archery and Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy gift certificates. Benel Archery can start teaching kids 8 years old. Twinkle Toes also has classes ballet and music lessons for bigger kids and toddlers as well.

Archery lessons for kids in Benel Archery       Ballet lessons for kids at Twinkle Toes


For the Independent thinker

It’s adorable to see someone so young acquire the love for books, storytelling and artistic ways to express themselves. For kids who have found independence in these, we suggest a Fully Booked and Look It’s About Me gift certificates. Fully Booked carries best sellers for young readers as well as art supplies. Look It’s About Me makes it possible for them to have personalized gifts like story books where they are the star.

Books for kids at Fully Booked

     Personalized books for kids at Look It's About Me


For the avid Learner

Some kids have an act for absorbing new information. Some kids, smart as they are, prefer to learn differently. There’s an abundance of new ways to make learning fun, exciting, interesting and even more effective. This is why we suggest that you should give the avid learners Galileo Enrichment Learning Program and SMILE Group gift certificates. Galileo in Libis is the pioneer in Singapore Math where kids solve math problems in an abstract way. SMILE Group is known for STEM education and is popular for introducing Engineering for Kids.

Singapore Math at Galileo Libis

     Engineering for Kids at SMILE Group


For the young Fashionista

Having a sense of style started early for these youngsters. While most adults find it difficult to find the style that suits them, these kids’ fashion sense are fast invading their parents’ Instagram. We suggest that you be the supportive gift giver with Maureen Disini and I Love Koi gift certificates. Maureen Disini, one of the country’s acclaimed fashion designer, makes flattering silhouettes for women as well as pretty pieces for the their little girls. I Love Koi has made a swimwear collection for kids inspired by the Kramer family.

Dresses for kids by Maureen Disini

     Swimwear for kids at I Love Koi


For the Clueless Gift Giver

Let’s be honest. There are times that we only get to spend time with the kids of our friends and family during special occasions leaving us little or no clue about what exactly they need or interests them. We suggest that you go for much safer choices like gift certificates for Baby Company for infants and toddlers and Toy Kingdom for kids who are a little bigger. Baby Company carries essentials that babies and their parents will definitely need. Toy Kingdom has a wide range of toys from simple stuff toys and plushies to the most complex robot dog or board games.

Baby toys and necessities at Baby Company

     Toys for kids and toddlers at Toy Kingdom


We hope that we’ve been helpful in your struggle to find the perfect gifts for kids. These gift certificates are available online at Gifted.PH so traffic and lack of time shouldn’t be a problem. Gifted.PH gift certificates can be conveniently sent to their or their parent’s emails or delivered to their address. Each gift comes with a personalized message so the kids know (and hopefully remember) who the gifts are from and that you have them in mind for Christmas. For more gift suggestions, take a look at all gifts available at Gifted.PH this Christmas.


Christmas gifts and gift certificates online at Gifted.PH