5 Creative Ways to Show Your Love

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Contributed by Tina Relampagos

Lo and behold, another occasion is squiggling its way into our lives. Valentine’s Day! If you’re like the Gifted.ph team, you probably have it all planned out by now - reservations, gifts, surprises, itinerary. If this comes as a surprise well, good luck Chuck! You have about a week to make something special. Just remember, expectations are a bit higher because that’s technically one whole weekend this time around. 

But whether you are a lover, a hater or an “I don’t care” type of person, we all have someone who we genuinely love. Valentine’s Day gives us a reason to celebrate that love, but it also reminds us to show the most important people in our lives that we love them.

Here are 5 tried and tested ways you can show someone your love on Valentine’s Day or any other day.


Creative Ways to Show Your Love - Spontaneity - Gifted.ph Blog


“Spontaneity takes us back into the ‘unknown territory’ arena. To the excitement and inevitable nervousness that’s the hallmark of the early days of a relationship." – Hilda Burke

On a not so busy and uneventful weekend, my boyfriend called me up and asked me if I had extra spending money for the weekend. While I was skeptical about what it’s for and whether he needs it in cash right away, he tells me to pack up a few things because we’re headed to Baguio. Just like that. A typical home-mall-movie-home-gaming weekend turned out to be a very interesting, fun and memorable one.

Psychotherapist and Life Coach Hilda Burke says that after years of creating routines and plans together, we forget about what made us interested in our partners which is primarily the difference between us. Read about it more from Huffington Post.



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Errand Done

On Saturdays, she irons her newly washed clothes. On Sunday mornings, he goes to the shop to get his car washed and waxed. If you really want to show them you love them, give them a break. Volunteer to take care of one of their usual errands. Don’t wait for them to be too busy or down with a cold to ask to do it. Go ahead and make the offer so they can do other things that they want. Note that I mentioned “one of their routines”. You don’t want them to get too used to it J


Creative Ways to Show Your Love - gift certificates - Gifted.ph Blog

Quick and Personal

Yes of course we have to say it: give your special someone a gift that will give them a little nudge to finally get one of the things they always wanted with gift certificates from Gifted.ph. Be more thoughtful by adding a meaningful and heartfelt message to the greeting card, and add a recommended item so they know you really thought about it. The best time to do it, is when they least expect it to show that you think of them a lot. Click here for more romantic gift ideas.


Creative Ways to Show Your Love - Laugh - Gifted.ph Blog

Go for a Laugh

“If love is the treasure, laughter is the key.” – Yakov Smirnoff

“In general, couples who laugh more together tend to have higher-quality relationships,” says Univeristy of North Carolina’s social psychologist, Laura Kurtz. Why not? It’s such a simple thought – laughing together makes a happier pair. If you’re not convinced yet by that, read more about it at TIME <link: http://time.com/4010484/couple-laughing-study/>. Whenever we need a good laugh especially after a tough week, we seek out the team of Comedy Manila. These guys are legit stand-up comedians that will make you laugh like you’ve never laughed before without embarrassing anyone and without the use of slapstick comedy. We highly recommend that you go see them.


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Mid-day Hello

Finally, the simplest and most effective way to show your love is to send a straight forward, non-filtered but grammatically correct text about how much you appreciate them. Yes, do this in the middle of the day, for no reason at all. Not because they had a bad morning at work, not because they were sick…just simply to remind them how much you love them.


Truth is, you can do Valentine’s Day any day by doing what they least expect because they deserve something special. It may be just as simple as a text or as surprising as a trip out of town. The important thing is that you genuinely had them in mind and you make an effort to remind them how much you care.

Creative Ways to Show Your Love - Gifted.ph Blog