13TH MARCH 2017

5 Signs Summer is Coming that only Filipinos Know

How Filipinos prepare for summer

Contributed by Michelle of Gifted.PH


We, Filipinos, are ready for summer weeks before PAGASA announces that it has officially begun. Even now, the summer heat is starting to burn, the sun rises much too early for our liking and that high noon sunshine makes you wonder if you’re part vampire. So as early as now, we prepare for summer and you know that you’re truly Filipino when you start getting ready for it in these five ways. 


Seat Sale booking frenzy - Gifted.PH Blog

Seat Sale booking frenzy

If there’s one thing that we all voluntarily risk our friendship for, it’s seat sale. The travel sale that Cebu Pacific popularized stroke a surprise visit just last week for familiar summer adventure destinations in the country and around South-East Asia. Just like any other seat sale, the experience of booking a flight is the same for most friends. There’s a few who are always on the lookout for seat sales and inform everyone. There’s this one person who makes the final decision on booking dates, another who takes too long to decide, and another who says ‘G!’ but backs out last minute. When all is decided, the internet connection decides not to cooperate and the website is too crowded to make the booking you want. Now you have to make another round of decision making again. Oh the troubles we go through for a memorable summer.


Preparing for summer with by working out

Workout Circle

The panic of getting in shape for summer begins now! Not only did we take our new year’s resolution to get in shape for granted, we also have only a few weeks left. Gyms are packed, more people are now trying new workouts, and even Nike Fitness Training is out and about. What we love is seeing more people running and doing their own workouts in BGC’s Terra 28th and Track 30th. Now, it’s just going to be a few weeks until that trip to the beach so keep yourself and your friends motivated. Check out Sports Central for workout clothes and equipment.


Low carb diet before Summer - Gifted.PH Blog

Low Carb Diet

For Filipinos, there is nothing that makes the guilt rise from the grave than rice. The carbohydrates in our usual white rice sets us back in our road to summer bod. But at the same time, we Filipinos only consider a meal proper if it comes with rice. If you didn’t eat that, whatever that is, with rice, it doesn’t count as breakfast, lunch or dinner. But there are alternatives to simply cutting down on things that we eat like choosing suitable food combinations like what Chakra Café serves. You can add healthy mix of fruit and vegetable beverages like what Elixir Juice Alchemy does. And you can go organic and visit Green Pastures.


New swimwear from I Love Koi - Gifted.PH Blog

New Summer Wardrobe

Well you can’t possibly be seen in the same beach outfit that you posted on IG the year before. Many of us get at least one new pair or a monokini in the size we aim to be in for the summer. It inspires us to get in shape and adds to the excitement in anticipation for the trip. In case you haven’t noticed, there are now a loooot of swimwear and beachwear stores online. When you search around in Google or discover in IG, there are so many who just sell the same designs, colors and with little difference in prices. If you want to buy from an online store with a variety of designs you can choose from, we suggest you go to I Love Koi and send a little exciting gift to a friend with their online gift certificate at Gifted.PH.


Guests in the bedroom - Gifted.PH Blog

Host visiting relatives

Summer isn’t all about going out on a trip. More often than not, it’s about staying in. Another reason we stay in is because relatives and family friends based in U.S. and Europe will be welcoming spring by taking a trip to the Philippines. And maybe because of our innate hospitality, no matter how nice their hotel is, our families just have to offer our humble homes for some sleepover. This is among those few times in the year when you discover that your family owns chinaware, fine linen and your Mom has cooking skills that can rival Gordon Ramsey. Indulge your family with new additions to the home from Dimensione and Our Home. Don’t forget to greet your visiting relatives with all-Filipino gifts from Kultura Filipno.


Summer in the Philippines is a prolonged Holiday and it is absolutely worth preparing for. Despite the sweltering heat, it is that time of the year when having fun is an absolute must. How about you, how do you prepare for the summer? 

Preparing for summer with by working out