The Gift Certificate Voucher that Keeps on Giving - Rewards every day at 7-Eleven CLiQQ!

Oct 26, 2018

7-Eleven Logo

7-Eleven is a brand that we all grew up with and has saved each of us in countless little emergencies throughout the years, such as that time when you were craving for something sweet, or that time when you had no time to eat and had to grab a very quick bite, or that time when you forgot to bring <insert a piece of toiletry or school supply or other random item> which you badly needed at that point in time.   We all have fond memories of 7-Eleven in this light and are happy that 7-Eleven has just made it easier for people to spread the 7-Eleven love with their CLiQQ electronic gift certificate vouchers.


7-Eleven makes visiting the leading convenience store chain more fun with the CLiQQ mobile app. And now, even paying for your purchases is made more convenient with the CLiQQ Wallet.


After rebranding its Every Day! Rewards Program to CLiQQ, 7-Eleven takes its loyalty program to a whole new level by offering more exciting features for customers through the mobile app.  By downloading CLiQQ from Google Play or App Store to their mobile phones, customers access all these features at any 7-Eleven store they visit.


Using CLiQQ and enjoying its benefits is easy and gratifying.  The app includes a loyalty barcode that lets 7-Eleven customers earn points every time they make purchases worth P50 or more. On top of this, if they use their CLiQQ Wallet to pay, they earn 5x more points! That’s 1pt for every P10 spend in physical goods. These points can then be used to redeem items from the CLiQQ Rewards Catalog or the CLiQQ Shop, which includes a wide array of products.  Customers can even share their points with friends, letting them have their pick of rewards as well. To top it off, customers who have the CLiQQ app installed on their phone enjoy a faster service and less waiting time in any 7-Eleven branch, since all they have to do is swipe their CLiQQ app on the counter to process their order.


The CLiQQ mobile app also enables customers to know more about 7-Eleven’s latest promos and offers via the News & Promos tab. They can also share suggestions and comments about the app using the Send Feedback menu.


It is no wonder that 7-Eleven CLiQQ has become among the most popular loyalty programs not just in Metro Manila but across the Philippines nationwide,  and has recently been the preferred gift of countless Filipinos whether as a personal gift or for corporate gift rewards.   For more information on the 7-Eleven CLiQQ loyalty program, visit 7-Eleven electronic gift vouchers are now available online in Lazada and Gifted.PH.  You can visit these links to find out more information on how to use 7-Eleven CLiQQ.




7-Eleven CLIQQ How to Download and Install