9 Things To Do During Rainy Days

Sep 01, 2017


Activities during rainy days by Gifted.PH

Contributed by Michelle Regalado


Saying goodbye to the beach, to surfing and to taking long road trips is hard to do, but that’s what the rainy days do. In the past months, we’ve experienced erratic weather causing us to cancel plans, look dreary and have no mood to work. When the rains keep us indoors, Netflix can keep us company, but it’s not the only thing we can do while the rain is pouring. Here are 11 things you can do to make the most of the rainy season:


Get Busy

1. Board Games. Playing board games was the staple indoor activity, like Monopoly, snakes & ladders and LIFE. But board games have changed a lot since. There’s Mafia, Werewolf and Cards Against Humanity. Many of these new games involve a whole lot of talking, trickery, strategy and fun. Check out gift certificates online for Abubot.PH to get new board games for you and your friends to play indoors.

Calligraphy by The Craft Central with gift certificates online at

2. Calligraphy. Learn something new while you are indoors and make use of that internet while you’re at it. Learning Calligraphy is a satisfying hobby that you can learn through workshops or Youtube. A good way to get going is to get your own calligraphy ink, pen and paper. Why not add more trinkets to go with such as colored pens, glitter pens and water color to shade the background. You can get gift certificates online for The Central Central to get your complete calligraphy kit.


3. Art it your way. If Calligraphy isn’t your thing, then work on coloring books. That’s right, coloring books. Complex coloring books is the new way for adults to relax. Give it a try the next time you are stuck indoors with a gift certificate online for National Bookstore.


4. Be a Star. Make use of your internet and help you child create a story book where he or she is the protagonist. Get creative and personalize story books with Look It’s About Me. Get your child a gift certificate online for Look It’s About Me to let her choose the type of item to personalize.



Pet Play

Give your dogs comfortable beds with Bow House available at Gifted.PH

5. Get Comfy. You’re not the only one enjoying the cooler weather because your pets are sleeping in longer too. A great way to make it even more enjoyable for your pets is to get them their very comfortable and durable doggy beds. Bow House doggy beds are not just pet-friendly, their home-friendly too with their modern designs and washable covers. Get a gift certificate online for Bow House today.  

6. Pet Toys. If you have a rather active pet and rains prevent them from releasing their energy outdoors, you can still play with them with toys indoors. Pet Express has a wide selection of balls, squeaky toys, cat poles, even clothing accessories for your pets. You can get a gift certificate online for Pet Express at Gifted.PH.




7. Weather-ready. The smartest thing you can do to prepare for the weather’s change of mood is to wear clothes and have appropriate protective gear. Wear light and comfortable jeans from Human. Carry with you a hooded but dainty jacket from Kashieca for when the rain decides to pour in the afternoon. Bring with you a durable umbrella and apparel basics from Bench. You can get gift certificates online for Human, Kashieca and Bench at Gifted.PH.


Check-in & Chill

8. Elegant staycation. If you can’t do away with getting stuck indoors, you can choose to get stuck in a luxurious and exclusive hotel. Aruga by Rockwell has fully-furnished apartments in the Asian Contemporary style, infused with the signature of sophisticated interior design and quality finishes. A perfect in-city getaway. You can get your Aruga by Rockwell gift certificates online at Gifted.PH so you can redeem it when you feel like it.

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9. Breathtaking views. In the southern part of Metro Manila lies a hotel that features modern and sleek room designs and a breathtaking view…by the pool. Azumi Boutique Hotel boasts a rooftop pool that gives you a full view of the city. Azumi Boutique Hotel gift certificates online are at Gifted.PH. Buy one and book a room for you and your friends today.



How about you, what is your go-to activity when it rains? Tell us how you want to have fun during the rainy days and we will match it with a Gifted.PH brand.