15TH JUNE 2017

A Different Kind of Father's Day

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Father's Day has been the same for many families. The annual tradition starts with "Happy Father's Day!" greetings, a few hours in the mall or a quick out of town trip then it ends in a family dinner. It is a similar and memorable story for many but it shouldn't stop you from spoiling your Dad this #FathersDay2017. Father's Day is that one special day that we get to thank our Dads for their patience, perseverance, sacrifices and life lessons. It is that one day where we are forgiven for being sappy about how much we love our Dads and a day to forgive him for his jokes. The best way to celebrate Father's Day with your Dad is to give him the gift of experience and to experience that gift together. Here are five of our recommended gifts of experiences with Dad:


Grooming. Think professional hair cut, old school close shave, head massage, pomade and whisky in a barbershop that only has everything a true gentleman needs. Why not add custom-tailored suit to give him a spunky new look when he gets back to work in a haberdashery. Try Felipe & Sons with branches in El Pueblo Ortigas, Net Quad BGC, San Agustin, Leviste and Chino Roces in Makati.

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Felipe & Sons gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines


Relaxation. Give the gift that shows how much you appreciate his hard work. Some Dads come home exhausted but still find the energy to catch up with you and make time to attend school events. And that's just the beginning. They spend sleepless nights watching over you when you are sick, waiting for you when you go out with friends late at night and galantly pick you up from wherever you are to make sure you come home safe. A good pampering with a stress-relieving and backache-soothing massage that you and your Dad will experience together is the perfect Father's Day gift. Try Transend Spa & Nails at BGC.

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Shopping. Yup! Some Dads don't have the patience for shopping in store but online, they go nuts. Online shopping gives him a lot of varieties for gadgets he didn't even know he needs. What makes online shopping more exciting is shopping for gadget accessories that can't be found online making his picks unique and much cooler. Try Galleon.ph.

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Cooking. Making Dad a meal happens almost everyday. Going out for a meal with the family happens about once a week. But what about cooking with Dad for a family meal? Wait, there's more. What about cooking with Dad for a family meal without the prepping? Perfect. Try Huat Pot located in San Juan where you have flavor choices for hot pot soup and buffet-type of ingredients. The ease of creating your own filling hot pot meal with fresh ingredients will definitely be a memorable Father's Day experience for you and your Ad.

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If Dad isn't into Taiwanese hot pot, we recommend a bit of grilling with choice cut meats ilke premium sirloin, kobe style short ribs and wagyu. Try Sandaya Yakiniku in Fisher Mall where you and your Dad can take care of the grilling right on your table. 

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Play. Remember those days when your Dad learned a new boardgame or toy so you'll understand how it works and you can play together? Those days are not long gone. In fact, there are new board games and card games you and your Dad can learn, argue about and have fun playing. Try picking one online at Abubot.ph

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You and your Dad's personalities may differ, there may be conflict because of your beliefs and you may not have agreed on that last misunderstanding but just like most, you remember him on Father's Day. And this Father's Day, reward his patience with you with a gift of experience that he will always remember.

Happy Father's Day!