10 Simple but Thoughtful Ideas to Spend Valentine's Day


Yes, we know... Valentine's Day is becoming more of a chore than a celebration of your relationship. There is pressure of making reservations and stress of running out of places to go to. Not to mention, the elephant in the room, there is burden of staying positive despite the heavy traffic and crowds. I think Valentine's Day is a beautiful reminder that we should celebrate love and our significant others and hassles surrounding the occasion is very telling that we ought to do it beyond February 14. We thought ways you can be the best Valentine all year round and we would love to know what you think and how it turns out for you. 


1. Write thank you notes

You heard that right: write. We're so used to messaging our partner for 'good morning', 'good night' and 'we need milk' that we forget there is a certain amount of charm with personalized notes that doesn't have anything to do with your routine. Writing it yourself on a piece of paper makes it even more special. Make it look memorable too with paper and calligraphy pens from The Craft Central or Tokyo Finds.


2. Make plans yourself

If your partner is the type who does all the planning, why not make plans yourself? Sure there's a chance you'll screw up one thing, or two, but doing something for someone always does the trick. Try doing the grocery list, cleaning the bathroom or picking-up the kids from day care. Let Best of the Best: Philippines help you out or pick out from any of Uncharted Earth's adventures.


3. Listen

Don't listen just to respond. Just listen and ask them how their experiences made them feel. Ask them about they did, what others did, why think it happened. We're so used to having conversations that we forget sometimes, our significant others just need someone who would listen to them.


4. Send a photo

Not like that... we mean send take photos of random things that remind you of them and message it to them instead of saying 'I love you'. It could be a cute puppy, a house that you both love, an old photo or that old shirt you wore during your first date that barely fit now. 


5. Send them a gift midday

Don't wait for an occasion. Show them how much you appreciate them with a gift even in midday. Go to Gifted.PH and find out how we can help you surprise your loved one in minutes with personalized gifts online. 


6. Tough day, support, not talk but help

If your significant other is having a tough day, try not to keep on probing for details. Sometimes, personal experiences are too much to process and can be tedious to share. Instead, prepare a cup of tea, get him/her a slice of cake (ice cream for extreme cases), binge watch the latest Netflix  series or have a quiet night of reading and hugs. 


7. Be healthy together

It's inspiring for couples to be healthy together because it shows they care for each other's wellness and they make the effort to live long and happy lives together. We're not talking about doing cross-fit together (or are we?) but you can start changing your diet here and there, making healthier eat out choices and doing weekly exercises together. Start by getting portion-controlled meals by Lunchbox Diet or planned meals for your #healthgoals by Paleo Manila.


8. Date nights 

Since your adorable kids came into existence, you know it's been a while since you both went out so have date nights. No excuses, just have them. Let the grandparents, uncles or aunties do your job just for a night. You know what, go crazy, spend a weekend away. Raising kids is rewarding and can also be stressful and it's important to be reminded that you are together, not just in parenting but also in your careers, dreams and personal lives. Go for Prego Ristorante and Bar for Italian cuisine or Izakaya Sensu for authentic Japanese dishes.


9. Reminisce and make plans

For couples who have been together to the poin that the kids are driving themselves now, it's important that you start talking about other things aside from the kids and your work. Start by reminiscing because looking back will encourage you to make plans.


10. Hold hands

It's a classic and, unless you're in a fight, it never fails. Affectionate physical contact should never go away, no matter how used to are with each other. 


Share with us your ways on showing your significant other how much you love them on Valentine's Day and beyond. 


Written by Michelle Regalado