20TH JUNE 2015

What's the Best Father's Day Gift You Have Given or Received?


Dad - A Son's first hero, a daughter's first love.

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


Since Father's day is just a day away, we gathered some insights as to what are the best gifts our followers gave their dad. And for dads, what are the best gifts they ever received. Check out their comments below.


I gave my dad a personalized cake and shirt..

Ann Gole Cruz 

For my husband I will give him a simple smile and the very best hug.

For my father I want to give him something that will make him happy like a massage for his whole body.

Mary Ann Chavarria Hurgo 

The most significant gift I gave to my dad is a trip to Boracay. It was even more memorable because I won it from an online contest during Father's Day last year. That's why I offered the prize to him because in my entry, it was him whom I gave tribute and thanked for the heroism he has done for me and for my family.

Cocoy Dagasuhan 

I want to give my dad more of my TIME. I'm praying that he'll live a long life so I could give him the things he wants.

Kevin Sarmiento 

For my father, I like to give him new eyeglasses because his eyes are getting weak as he get older.

And for my husband, as the father of my family, I like to give him a relaxing massage that soothes himself from everydaywork.

Rincy Ann Malapitan Kigi-i 

College Diploma

Marlene Yanga 

I gave my Tatay a family picture of all of us - with my parents and siblings since we don't have a new family picture! He was so happy he hung it on the wall! 

Emilyn Saulog Cañares 

Love and respect!

Rizalita Angoluan Francisco 

A car. :)

Charles Vince Dela Cruz 

Personalize t-shirt . Imprint: "cool dad"

Kram Inamse 

The best significant gift I gave to my Dad is LOVE and CARE, he always want us to be lovable and caring he doesnt want any material things.

Remz Evangelista Torno 

Nothing I can give but my love and care..

Chel Garzo 

I want my dad to have his own shop,I want him to be happy but it's too late;my dad passed away and he didn't know how much I love him. Papa I know you see me and hear me I want you to know that I love you so much. Thanks for everything. ..please guide me

Donna Joy Gamboa 

My prayer is for my dear tatay so that we will never never forget him, we love our tatay so much.

Awatef Muhammad 

The Best Significant gift i gave to my best father is when i surprised him with my high grades in school. He said " THIS IS THE BEST GIFT I'VE EVER RECEIVED FROM YOU SON, THANK YOU SO MUCH "

Anthony Ancheta Torno 

The most significant gift I gave to my dad is my diploma.

Gervie Marquez 

Simple bonding with my father will really make his day while reminiscing those days when i was a child receiving "nag-uumapaw" na love & care from him.. I am secured mula noon hanggang ngayon.. I have the best dad ever!

Harry Lopez Mercado 

The most significant gift I gave to my dad is a car that I bought for him because of my hardwork and dedication. Even though I'm not a collega graduate I proved to him that success is not impossible to those who have big dreams.

Jerilyn Del Rosario Dilig 

The most significant gift I gave to my dad is his favorite wrist watch.

Jennifer Duran Timonel 

The most significant gift I gave to my father is a watch, it was a symbol of my never ending love to him, every second, minute, hour. I just want to express the love and respect I have for him. He was so happy when I gave this to him. I felt his appreciation for me no matter how much the price of the gift. The important thing is how I make him happy and I did and i feel it. The moment I saw his smile with tears in his eyes is the most important moment of my life.

Mary Jane Vergara Blasa 

As s father of my 6 year old son, simple things always complete my day.. Yung mga yakap at halik nya, pag-aabot ng tsinelas q n pambahay tuwing umuuwi ako,pagsasabi nya ng "i love u papa, at pagpapakita ng mga drawings nya, mga nacheckan ng mga test, activity, o assignment nya.. Sa mga ganung simpleng bagay kuntento na ako..

Harry Lopez Mercado