Brands You Didn’t Know Who Have Gift Cards

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


Whenever you give gifts, do you ever wonder if they will really use your gifts? Or at least, liked them?

Giving gifts is uniquely rewarding, but finding the right gifts is a complex and risky task. Thank goodness you won’t have to put yourself through that again. Enter… Gift Cards! Gift cards, or gift certificates, gives you the benefit of giving a gift without the dilemma of what to buy that the person will truly appreciate.

It isn’t a surprise that a lot of brands have taken on gift cards and even e-gift cards to give you this convenience. To get you started, here are 10 brands you didn’t know you can buy gift cards from:

 Spiral 2 Go. Spiral restaurant is one of the best buffets in town. They also have gift certificates here. Located in Sofitel Manila Philippines


Yes, this isn’t a drill, Spiral has a gift card! Share luxurious dining experience through a Spiral gift certificate. Head on to the Spiral 2 Go counter. It’s the same one where you get their premium pralines, macaroons, olive bread and marzipans. It may be out of the way for some but they’ll make it worth your while. If you buy 10 gift certificates, you pay only for 6! What a deal indeed.

For more information, read more about Spiral 2 Go here.

 Enderun gift certificates can purchase short cooking courses such as these. Buy Enderun Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online for anyone in Manila Philippines


Know someone who’s been dying to be behind the next king or queen of the kitchen? Enderun Colleges has an e-gift card for him/her made available via Gifted.ph. Enderun Colleges is known for producing leaders and game changers in the hospitality industry, trained by professionals and leading figures in the global scene. For an even more thoughtful and tear-jerking gift, invite your other friends to give the same gift so he or she can pool enough for a diploma or even a short-course certificate.

Get that aspiring chef an Enderun Colleges gift card here.

 Iflick Photo Booth logo. Buy iFlick Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online for anyone in Manila Philippines


Every event – simple or grand, big or small – has to have a photobooth. This is just basic social fact. It adds to the fun and immortalizes your moments so cutely. So why ever go without it? iFlick, our photobooth brand of choice, can be given as gifts to your friends and loved ones through their e-gift card at Gifted.ph. You can send it together with a message about when or where you think the recipient can use it. iFlick has a variety of props, backdrop, and photo layouts, from kiddie dinosaur for children’s parties, swanky Hollywood-theme for debuts, quirky twists to an otherwise formal company event, and more.

Spruce-up their life moments with an iFlick gift card here.



Various concerts, plays, sports, other attractions are but a gift card away. Ticketworld, one of the country’s leading full service ticket company, offers gift certificates that you can get from their website. These are best for friends who can’t wait for the next big concert, and even for those who need a little nudge to explore new attractions with you.

Buy a Ticketworld gift certificate here.

 Palawan Tour. Buy Uncharted Philippines Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online for anyone in Manila Philippines


Gift cards are not just for food and items, they’re for travel and adventures too! Send someone on their dream destination with an Uncharted gift card from Gifted.ph. With this gift, they can choose different activities, from trekking in Ifugao villages, to diving in exotic Tubbataha. For more travel ideas, visit http://www.unchartedphilippines.com/.

Give the gift of adventure with an Uncharted Philippines gift card now.

 Apple Gift Certificate and Gift Card


It’s thrilling for Apple users to get Apple or Apple-approved accessories and other gadgets. And there’s nothing more important to them than the freedom to choose the exact item that suits their aesthetic and functional preferences. For this, Apple Store offers Gift Cards you can buy online at P1,000 to P100,000, that you can redeem at any Apple Retail Store.

For more information, go to Apple Gift Cards.



Sometimes, you just can’t put a pin on what a person likes. While there are others that seem to like and have everything. And there are people with the best sense of humor that whatever you have in mind is just too typical. What you need is a place that has everything that will catch anyone by surprise. They’ll find things here that they have never thought they’ll need. The best thing you can get from Quirks is an e-gift card so they can choose whatever tickles their fancy. But don’t be passive about it. Get thoughtful! Send it together with a personalized greeting card suitable for the occasion.

Send them a Quirks gift card today.

 Shrimp and Mojitos and Beer at Bubba Gump. Bubba Gump in Makati also has Gift certificates and gift cards


We’re not quite done with food yet! When you think about Bubba Gump, you think “shrimps and mojitos”, “shrimps and mojitos”, “shrimps and mojitos”. Imagine the joy you’ll bring to someone by giving him or her easy to access to Bubba Gump shrimps, mojitos and more with a gift card! Bubba Gump offers gift cards valued at P1,000 and P3,000 that can be used to purchase food and merchandise.

Get a hold of the Bubba Gump gift card here.

 Munchkin Napkin Change organizer. Great for mommies. Buy Babyland Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online for anyone in Manila Philippines


We just can’t help but give precious ones gifts, and we always want to make sure that it’s something that will be useful for them, or helpful for their Moms and Dads. This often makes giving infants and toddlers gifts difficult. Don’t let that thoughtfulness go to waste. Let the parents of these adorable babies pick the ones they truly need with the help of a Babyland e-gift card brought to you by Gifted.ph. Through this gift card, they can get various necessities like feeding bottles, strollers, and clothes that actually fit and made with materials that suit the baby’s skin. They can also buy toys more appropriate to their child’s development. It’s definitely the perfect gift for babies!

Make gifts for babies truly special with a Babyland gift card.

 Children doing archery lessons. Benel Archery Gift Certificates at Gifted.PH can buy you archery lessons for kids in Manila and Philippines


Trying something new and getting into it is everyone’s thing nowadays. So join the bandwagon and give someone a new hobby as a gift! At Benel Archery, you get to work with world-class archery equipment, coaching and consultation from the country’s national archery team. If your friends think they’re the next Oliver Queen and Hawkeye, then this is the gift you have, have, to give.

Give the gift of experience with a Benel Archery gift card.


Different people have different interests and we express how well we know them and appreciate them by giving gifts. Gift cards make it more memorable because it allows anyone to choose what they will truly use and really, honestly, like. There are more brands that offer gift cards but Gifted.ph makes it convenient for you to express your thoughtfulness. Find one that suits everyone in your gift list at www.gifted.ph.


Contributed by Tina Relampagos, Marketing and Business Development practitioner, Managing Consultant.