Christmas Gift Guide for the Family

Dec 16, 2015

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


We are only about 10 days away from Christmas! At this point, you are in desperate need of help to give thoughtful Christmas gifts to each and every member of your family. With work still not done, traffic absolutely inconsolible, you are definitely running out of time. So as a public service, is here to give you a quick guide on what gift cards to give to your family. As an added bonus, we'll tell you why this gift will be perfect for them to give a meaningful touch to your personalized greeting card.


Christmas Gifts for Every Family Member by

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MOM - Nail Spa... because after putting up with you and your siblings for years, she deserves some r&r. Make it even better by getting yourself a Nail Spa gift card so you can have a little time together.
DAD - Felipe & Sons... because he deserves his personal time too, complete wih pampering that only a real gentleman will appreciate.
KUYA - Uncharted Philippines... because all the adventures he wanted to go to when you were kids don't have to be put on hold because he is so good at being an adult. 
ATE - The Craft Central... because difficult as it is to admit, she has a good eye for arts and crafts.
YOUNGER SISTER - Just Mix...because she can make her own cookies and brownies too!
YOUNGER BROTHER - because well, you hardly understand the gadgets he likes but it doesn't stop you from giving him one. 
NIECE - Le Bunny Bleu... because she can use some dainty looking flats to go with her growing style.
NEPHEW - Quirks... because his appreciation of unique finds just gives the whole family a good laugh.
BABY - The Picture Company... because the new addition to the family can never have enough pictures.
LOLO & LOLA - Best of the Best Philippines... because they can have something to remind them about the places they've been and inspire them to go to places they haven't visited.
TITO - Gino's Brick Oven Pizza... because only he can appreciate great food... and he appreciates them a lot.
TITA - White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio... because she won't stop asking about your business, so give her something else to get busy with! But seriously, give her something that will encourage her to spend quality "me" time away from work.
No matter what gift you give your family this Christmas, don't forget to give them the gift of choice with gift cards from brands that interest them. Take your time in creating a short but thoughtful message for your greeting card as well. For more gift card brands that you can give as gifts to your family and friends, check out all of's brand partners here