Christmas Gifts that won’t be Re-gifted, for sure!

Nov 18, 2015

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


There is an unwritten rule when it comes to giving and receiving gifts – DO NOT RE-GIFT. If you think about it, even if the gift doesn’t exactly suit you, the person still bothered to give you something. But what will you do if you get 10 coffee mugs and you only have time to wash one a day? What will you do with a box filled with corporate gifts when you still have another box from last year? Or clothes that don’t even fit or worse, in a color that you never ever wear?

Secretly, you give these no-for-you gifts to someone else who will find them more useful. It’s like paying it forward but on stealth mode - hoping that the person you got it from won’t know.

This black market in gift giving has to end! So we asked a number of people on what gifts they will definitely, absolutely, completely and without a doubt, use and love.


We got answers that are very specific and, as it turns out, unique:

 “Powerbank and Uber credits would be cool too!” – Perth Salva, CEO of VirtualSessionist, Inc.

 “Ere plants hahahahaha.” – Trasienne Estrada, owner of ERE by Trasienne

 “PS4 game, Fallout 4 in particular :) or a watch winder.” – JB Ronquillo

 “Urban Decay Naked Collection” – Kookay Sebastian, Client Relations Executive at Fraser Place Manila

 “Star wars boxers” – BJ Dejaresco, Product Manager at Globe Telecom

 “The sure fire gift that I won't re-gift would be personal/gender-biased items such as underwear lol! :) Also I've received some gifts that are age inappropriate like toys that you see in malls where they just spin around. I got it when I was around 24 years old. That for me is something I won't pass to someone else simply because the memory embedded is epic!” - Edward Decano, Associate Consultant for P&A Grant Thornton.


Some are happy to receive more familiar gifts that they will surely use:

 “Gift cards from prominent clothing brands, Fully Booked, or food…anything food related :)” – Micah Alvarado, Engagement Stylist at MicahDreams.

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  “Clothing! And accessories! And practical things like bedsheets? Personally, I never re-gift books also but then again I’m a hoarder.” - Angelo Cristobal, Head of Property Portfolio Management, Pronove Tai & Associates

 “Book gift cards and craft items.” - Michelle Gatdula, owner Kookiekongmoist.

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  “Picture frame” –Bride-to-be Joie Sabordo, Finance Analyst at world Vision.

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  “Money, hahaha.” – Family man Rafael C. Dela Cruz, Accountant at Manila Electric Company.

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Of course gadgets are a staple:

 “A gadget? Haha!” – J.P. Mercado, Learning Coordinator at American Express

 “(Maybe) I won't re-gift gadgets or appliances.” - Lia Susara-Valeroso, Homeschooling Mom of two

 “A light saber, an iPhone, a PS4. In other words, high ticket functional items. Take note, the light saber has to be functional, hahaha. And of course well thought of gifts given by friends and family, if not functional at least reflective of your personality. Value comes in there.” Chino Ragrario, Digital Marketer

 “I won’t re-gift an original Kate spade wallet because I want one and I will also not re-gift a GoPro because I want a dashboard camera when I’m driving. If I get a GoPro or dashboard cam, I will start a traffic blog.” - Aurea Angeles, Consular Officer at a Foreign Embassy. We love that there’s clear purpose for the GoPro.

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You can’t go wrong with food, books, and some pampering as well:

 “Food! Chocolates hehehe, and free buffet.” Maria Rosanni Prieto Lucena, Research Manager at TNS.

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  “Chocolate cake! :)” Jessica Lagman, MBA Student at Ateneo Graduate School of Business

 “Book!” - Hannah Inserto, Manager of Markets Operations at a leading international bank"

 “Books because I love to read. :)” – Mariel Loto, Co-Owner of Kelly Green

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 “Full facial” - Debbie Montenegro, Unit manager at AXA Agency

 “Food and spa coupons!” Amy Ang, Relationship Management Executive at PLDT.

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These guys will definitely not re-gift anything that’s clearly meant for them:

 “Anything personalized, hahahaha!” - Debbie Piodo, MBA Student at Ateneo Graduate School of Business

 “Gifts that are customized to me. Like something that I really really want.”- Jessa Camille Dasas, Associate Merchandising Manager at SSI

 “Jewelry, gadgets, food or something that is personally made for me of course, haha.” - Tina Estrellado

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 “Pictures or gifts that will make you go "aww" from a special person. Something that you know the person worked hard to make. Even something simple… The kind that makes you fall in love with the gift the first time you see it, and you will always remember the person who gave it to you every time you look at it. :)” - Roanne Yu

 “Something that has my name engraved on it, like a pen.” - Avin Ong, VP and COO Fredley Food and Beverages Inc. and co-owner of Sandaya Yakininku-Fisher Mall


Finally, luxury items – things that will last almost forever:

 “I think, one type of gift which I'm sure I won't re-gift would have to be jewelry (any type) because you know the person really planned/thought of it before giving it to you :)” - Kate Garcia, Managing Partner, LANEX Management & Consultancy, Co

 “Luxury items is always good…those I wouldn’t buy for myself like a nice watch, high end bag. Items of high value.” Cor Carlos, Communications Specialist, Accenture

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Clearly, there’s a perfect gift for everyone and they are seldom the same. Everyone may want and need something different from what stores say are recommended gifts. Be a thoughtful gift giver with gifts that they will truly use and appreciate. Make your gift count by giving them the opportunity to choose the perfect gift with gift cards from their interests and favorite brands. For more gift ideas, read through’s tips and suggestions.