Don’t Know Where to Start with Christmas shopping? Check out this guide!

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


Traffic at this time of the year is like watching Frozen for the nth time with your kid – you’re tired of it but you have to go through it so eventually, you’re numbed by it. But it’s Christmas, the best time to show off your positive aura. The perfect season to celebrate a fruitful year by sharing your blessings through gifts. And apparently, the only time we get to hang-out with friends and family we haven’t seen since December last year. So let us help you get that cheery Holiday feeling back with our helpful guide on how to make the best out of your Christmas shopping in the city.


Christmas Shopping Guide by Gifted.ph

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If you really, really have to crowded malls during peak hours and weekends, and traverse through main roads and “Mabuhay lanes”, you need a lot of determination, patience and make sure to do these:

  • Plan where exactly you need to get those gifts and stick to the plan.
  • Start early, be there before they even open. I’m not kidding. And be out before the crowd piles up.
  • Use Waze. Don’t assume you know the city better than GPS.
  • If you don’t get everything done, don’t go to another mall and waste more time. Go home, sip a nice cocktail and complete the rest at www.gifted.ph.

We hope you’re ready now with the daunting task of holiday shopping ahead! Share with us your helpful tips on shopping for the Holidays.