15TH JUNE 2016

Gifts for Every Kind of Dad this Father’s Day

Father's Day Gifts and gift certificates at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


Another family affair is upon us: Father's Day! Have you made the usual preparations? Let’s see that checklist:

  1. Send reminder to everyone in the family about Father’s Day
  2. Make a short list of restaurants accessible to everyone
  3. Make a reservation for Sunday night
  4. Remind everyone about Sunday night dinner
  5. Get a safe gift for Dad
  6. Wrap the gift
  7. Greet Dad “Happy Father’s Day!”

Finding the time to secure everyone’s attendance and securing a restaurant convenient for all are not even the hard part. Have you even started thinking about #5 and #6? Family get-togethers are precious but on Sunday, June 19, it’s all about Dad. Our best gift idea for Dad on that day is a promise that family get-togethers for him won’t end on Father’s Day! So we’ve put together some of our favorite dining destinations in the city just for you based on the type of food your Dad loves. You can check these out for Father’s Day dinner AND send these as gifts to your Dad with a promise that he’ll see everyone again soon!


Genuine Spanish cuisine by Alba Restaurante Español

Tapas and paellas that Dad will never get enough of can only be found in Alba.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Table de Embutidos, Pella Marinera and Paella Filipino (that’s right, two paellas).

Paella and tapas for Dad on Father's Day at Alba Restaurante Espanol

Images from Alba’s Facebook page.


Filipino Collection by Kabila

The best of Filipino cuisine that can be found across the country are in Kabila.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Kilawin na Salmon, Bone Marrow Bulalo and Gintaang bilo-bilo.

Filipino cuisine by Kabila for Father's Day

Images from Kabila’s Facebook page.


Flavorful Comfort Food by Chelsea Grand Café

A collection of tasty and filling American and European comfort food from sandwiches, pasta, pizza to big plates perfect for the foodie Dad can be found in Chelsea Grand Cafe

Gifted.PH recommendation: Cabernet braised US Beef Short Ribs, Crispy Pork Belly Confit and Warm Double Smoked Bacon and Quinoa Salad to finish so Dad won’t feel too guilty about being too hungry.

Comfort food by Chelsea Grand Cafe for Father's Day

Images from Chelsea Grand Café’s Facebook page.


Local Favorites with a Local Twist by Simple Lang

We all go home to delicious Filipino food. But wouldn’t it be more satisfying to see them in a different way? Leave it to Simple Lang to surprise Dad!

Gifted.PH recommendation: Sinigang na Crispy Bagnet sa Watermelon, Chili Garlic Crispy Pata and Ube Pancakes.

Filipino food with a modern twist at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines

Image from Simple Lang’s Facebook page.


Tonkatsu Feast by Saboten

If Dad is a great fan of authentic food and breaded deep-fried dishes, Saboten is the best gift you can give.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Claypot tonkatsu set and of course, Original Loin.

Tonkatsu by Saboten for Father's Day dinner

Image from Saboten Philippines’ Facebook page.


Pizza by Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

Pizza-loving Dads should build their man caves in Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. Their refreshing appetizers, starting with their famous Burrata Caprese, and genuinely oven baked pizza are the perfect weekend treats he has been looking for.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Prosciutto, Meat, and Margherita Pizza.

Pizza and burrata by Gino's Brick Oven Pizza for Father's Day

Images from Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza’s Zomato page.


Authentic Japanese by Sandaya Yakiniku

Choice meat grilling right on the table while enjoying fresh sashimi is how you experience Japanese cuisine, and that’s how Dad should too so bring him to Sandaya Yakiniku.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Premium assorted BBQ set for 900 grams, Salmon sashimi and Deluxe Sushi platter.

Yakiniku, sushi, sashimi and other Japanese favorites by Sandaya Yakiniku for Father's Day dinner

Images from Sandaya Yakiniku’s Facebook page.


Taiwanese Buffet by Huat Pot

Nothing screams “We Love You Dad!” like Huat Pot’s shelves filled with various ingredients that the pot of the hot pot isn’t going to be enough.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Everything. It’s a buffet!

Taiwanese hot pot buffet by Huat Pot for Father's Day dinner

Images from Huat Pot’s Facebook page.


Drinks at Rocket Room

You’re lucky to have a Dad you can just hang out and have fun with so take him out to Rocket Room.

Gifted.PH recommendation: Go crazy trying out their cocktails!

Drinks and tapas by Rocket Room for Father's Day

Images from Rocket Room’s Zomato page.


Light and Delicious meals at Terraz

Many ultra-busy Dads have calendars scheduled months before. But with Terraz, you and Dad can share delicious meals in Makati and some quality time too!

Gifted.PH recommendation: Grilled Bacon-wrapped Pork Medallion with Foie gras and Sesame Crusted Ahi Salad.

Light and delicious meals by Terraz for Father's Day

Images from Terraz’ Facebook page.


You can treat Dad with more gifts aside from making his tummy happy:

For more Father’s Day gift ideas, check out Gifts for Dad at Gifted.PH. We can’t wait to hear how your Father’s Day went and how your Dad reacted to his perfect gifts!

Father's Day Gifts and gift certificates at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines