Five (5) Ecommerce Tools that your Restaurants Needs

Jun 10, 2019

Starting the restaurant of your dreams may be a daunting and unattainable goal for many. However, Ecommerce is making it easier for you to launch your food concept to the professional level that you aspire for, and levels out the playing field for the restaurant business. Here are some apps and ecommerce models that make it easier for budding restauranteurs to manage their business while still maintaining a good budget:

1.     Booking seats: Apps like Zomato, Eatigo help you sell your off-peak seats at an affordable price

2.     Feedback system: Restaurant feedback apps help you get honest feedback from your patrons, which you will never get otherwise. These are valuable insights to help you improve what otherwise no one will tell you in person

3.     Gift vouchers: Gift certificate voucher companies will sell your restaurant’s gift certificate vouchers across many platforms and to many companies, allowing you to gain brand awareness and online sales just by the mere fact of being associated with these companies. Gifted PH and Lazada are among those that sell tasteful electronic gift vouchers for your restaurant on your behalf.   You can even sell unique online exclusive gift voucher offerings in these platforms without having to discount your services. These tools add a creative digital marketing twist to your marketing efforts, without cannibalizing your brand.

4.     Online POS: In the old days, POS systems were clunky and extremely expensive to maintain. With the advent of the cloud, you can now avail of 100% online and nimble POS systems for your particular industry, which are continuously updated towards the latest trends on your behalf, significantly reducing the chances of you getting stuck with unusable and expensive programs

5.     Loyalty cards: Loyalty card platforms allow you to keep your loyal and happy customers coming back for more. Companies like Gifmo who make awesome collectable cards for your brand, and Zap allow you to take advantage of a fully established loyalty system without having to shell out further dinero in creating one.

6.     Food delivery providers: Honestbees and Foodpandas are all over the metro delivering your gourmet food inventions to all the busy individuals curious to devour them. These websites have many followers who can help you get your brand across millions of people as well.

Having these ecommerce companies help you with your logistics and marketing while you work on fine tuning your fine dining experience goes a long way in making sure that you build a proper professional restaurant in the quickest amount of time