Five Trends in the Fitness World Available in Manila

Aug 10, 2021

You see pictures of these trends everywhere in social media from popular fitness influencers and wonder: What are they doing? Here’s the latest lowdown on all the fitness trends round and about, including where to try them out in Manila. All these studios have adapted towards the pandemic, so you can also enjoy them from the comfort of your own home through online classes.

Reformer Pilates

We’ve all heard of pilates which helps you strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles. Here comes Reformer pilates which in a nutshell is pilates in steroids. Using intelligent Reformer machines to help you even further strengthen and lengthen your targeted areas, one workout each week is enough to see results over a short period of time.   Don’t be intimidated by the machines though, licensed instructors will help you work them to your advantage.  Available in Options Pilates Studio and Elev8 Lagree Fitness 


This is the best of both worlds. Peaceful calm meditative exercises from yoga practices mixed with high intensity cardio workouts courtesy of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) approach.  It’s great that you can now finally take these classes in Beyond Yoga Rockwell

Soul Cycling

Electric Studio, Ride Revolution, Saddle Row. They are everywhere in the city! And why not? These classes are great for your buttocks and just about every muscle in your body, plus you get a happy adrenalin vibe from the latest cult and club house hits, sending you home with a good natural buzz.


Nothing beats a good old thirty minute run around doing the toughest physical exercises in a short period of time using techniques from gymnastics, rowing, weightlifting, and running. CrossFit helps improve your stamina and improve actual usable strength for the time when you actually need to lift a piece of furniture from the ground. 


Yes, this age combatting technique is now a fitness trend! Archery ranges right in the middle of the metro such as Benel Archery allows you to explore your inner Katniss Evergreen or Legolas as an after work or after school chill pill.   Archery as well helps one focus and lengthens the attention span of people who have hyper active minds. For more information, check out Benel Archery for more details

Yes, all of these trends are now available in the Philippines, and are awesome ways to get into shape quickly and regularly on a day to day basis. Share these findings with friends or colleagues, or get them a fitness gift, as a way to bond over good health.