Five Unique Online Gifts to Give to Your Employees

Sep 08, 2021

Company jackets and mugs are a thing of the past. To be given one nowadays shows a lack of understanding of what type of innovative gifts are now available at your finger tips to give to your employees with just a click of the button. Here is the lowdown of the type of gift vouchers you can give in a corporate setting.  

1. Travel Vouchers

Travel vouchers can be as simple as a day tour to a nearby location, family passes to the nearby amusement park or an all expense paid vacation to an exotic location. See the selection of travel vouchers in websites like, Klook and Lazada

2. Restaurant Gift Certificate Vouchers

Work makes you hungry especially because of the amount of brain power used (and for some people, physical power as well!).  The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  Satisfy the tummy and heart of your colleagues by giving them a restaurant gift voucher to their favorite restaurant or a new restaurant you think they will like:   Family restaurants, date night restaurants, quick eats, all day breakfasts, you name your craving and there should be a restaurant voucher to satisfy that. You can opt for crowd favorites like TGI Fridays or Ramen Nagi or send Grab Food voucher or Gifted.PH Gift Card, where your recipients can be the one to choose their favorite brand.

3. Beauty Voucher

Beauty salon treatments and male grooming sessions are an overlooked perk which people always want but don’t necessarily need. Thus, a little splurge on beauty and grooming as an employee reward is always a welcome gift, especially for workers who don’t have time to worry about their appearances. You can give Felipe and Sons or Bruno’s Barbers vouchers for the men, and Piandre Salon and Regine’s Salon vouchers for the women.

4. Fitness Gift Vouchers

Work life balance is always a challenge when one is so immersed with work. What better way to show your colleague that you care by giving them a fitness voucher to force them into a healthier lifestyle if they are not already living one. Vouchers for Nuthera or Fit to Live Pilates work great for this.

5. Education Voucher

Life is a constant education and the best teacher that one can have. Help your employees maximize that by giving them vouchers for learning. Enderun Extensions has a wide range of adult classes from fun topics to professional certifications. This will go a long way towards the general fulfillment of your best employees