How to Give a Digital Christmas Basket: Essentials for Your Employees

Dec 06, 2021

COVID is no time for frills. Everyone is trying their best to stay home, be safe and buy only what’s essential.  Christmas baskets are a great gift to give during this time, but it’s a challenge for companies to give them due to the pandemic.   The good news is that there are ways to send the coveted Christmas baskets online – in the form of a digital voucher! The beauty of giving digital vouchers as an alternative to a Christmas Basket is that not only are they contactless, your employees can be the one to choose what goes inside their Christmas basket at the comfort of their own home.  Here are some fun vouchers that you can give to help your employees with shopping for essentials this Christmas season while staying safe.


Pacific Bay

Pacific Bay is widely known for their high quality local and international fish selection with premium quality but not a lot of people know that their online store now has pretty much all the things that a home cook needs such as beef, poultry, pork, fruits and vegetables, baked goods and other pantry staples. They are available in all major supermarkets nationwide and now online within Metro Manila.



Crazy sales and high quality local and imported grocery, home décor and appliance brands at affordable prices are just some of the things you can get with your Landers membership. You can also get some special discounts from other Landers operated shops like Dough&Co, Capital Care Pharmacy, Federal Barbershop, and Caltex. A Landers membership will surely be useful all throughout the year



HelloFresh is your friendly neighborhood store always in search for the latest and best gourmet food and beverages to bring to your home. Some exciting things you can find in their store are premium yet affordable vegetables and meat, Asian delights like shrimp cakes, vegetable buns, kimchi, and hot international brands such as Oatly oat milk and Amazing Grace granola



Metromart is truly an online shopping mall for all your essentials.  You can buy your staples from popular brands like Robinsons Supermarket, Marketplace and S&R, medicine from South Star Drug and Watsons, toys from Toy Kingdom, baking goods from Pan de Manila and even school supplies from National Bookstore. This is one essential gift voucher that your employees will surely enjoy.



Shop your groceries at the convenience of your Lazada app. Lazmart has all the staples that you need in your grocery list coupled with the efficiency that Lazada is known for.  There’s really no need to go to the supermarket anymore with all the grocery options you can find in Lazmart.