How to Give Employee Rewards on a Budget

Jun 10, 2021

Not everyone has a company budget luxurious enough to take them on a trip or give everyone a nice big gift basket. If your company is one of those still on the verge of getting greater, it doesn’t mean that you can’t reward your employees. Here are ways to reward them on a tight budget:

  1. Lunch: Lunch at a nice cool al fresco place or a trendy area of town or lunch at everyone’s favorite hearty comfort food restaurant will go a long way, to allow your team to blow off steam, talk about issues and priorities that they normally can’t freely discuss in the workplace. You can try Vikings, Fireside or Italianni's

  2. Team building: This can be as simple as having a meeting in a nearby park or baywalk area such as Mall of Asia, visiting a small outdoor concert or food market like Mercato Centrale or just plain siting around outdoors. Yes, while booking an awesome resort in a cool faraway town would be great, just simple unconventional moments with your team over a box of donuts and good coffee could be enough to forge plans and stay focused

  3. Sincerity of words: When you say something, mean it.  It doesn’t have to be flowery or grand. Just simple targeted words and honest but diplomatic feedback go a long way

  4. Small gift vouchers: There are a ton of gifts you could get on a low budget: A cup of coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a slice of cake, a water jug, or electronic gift vouchers from Grab for low values of PHP 100 or PHP 150, are some of the things you could give to make life more interesting 

  5. Time off: Freedom to do what you want when you want it is a great reward for your top employees. Since you have a trusting relationship with them anyway, let them do what they want with their time, instead of clocking in day in and day out with. Treat them an all day access at The Spa and reward them with complete wellness with relaxation, fitness and beauty center all stationed in one home

These may be small every day ideas, but sometimes, these are the things that matter the most, and which we forget. It’s good to take a breather to see what you and your team really need, and the answer may be as simple as good food, good (work) friends, good vibes and good coffee ????