How to Send the Best Gifts While Away From Home

Dec 18, 2014

It is difficult to spend Christmas away from your family and loved ones.  While cities like Los Angeles, New York, Dubai and Singapore are trendy and bustling, there is still no place like home.   Laughter, happiness and merriment over Skype is great, but often times you wish you could connect more with your loved ones than the regular video call.

Sending gifts may be tricky and costly as some packages are lost overseas or some are heavily taxed, aside from the pricey shipping fees.  Also, the options are limited in terms of what to buy for Filipinos online. This is where Gifted.PH, the first personalized gift certificate website in the Philippines, comes in.

Sending gifts is now as easy as a few clicks! In just a few minutes, you can send presents to the whole clan through Gifted.PH. And the great part is both the giver and receiver gets to have fun in choosing. The giver chooses the merchant where the gift certificate can be redeemed. Let’s say a mom in California wants to send a gift to her daughter in Manila. She can choose Kashieca, or Twinky. The daughter can also enjoy choosing what item/s to get from the chosen merchant.

Personalized gift certificates

This is one of the great features of Gifted.PH. Gifted.PH is not just about sending a gift certificate. It’s also about connecting to friends and family through the suggested gift item and personalized greeting card. You may now send a gift certificate to your daughter who will have her first interview. You can even suggest that she get a blouse from the merchant you chose. Gifted.PH gift certificates also come with a personalized greeting card. You can choose a design and add his personal touch and sweet words.

Gift Certificates for Money

Gifted.PH also has the feature called the  ‘Gift Certificates for Money’ where you can send money to your loved ones through the website. The gift of money will be received through the means of bank transfer bank check. You can now send money to chip in for your son’s tuition or help your daughter save up for her dream wedding gown.

The best part of it is that sending money through Gifted.PH comes at a rate much lower than sending through other means

So what are you waiting for? Try Gifted today and make a loved one happy back home.

Keeping in touch despite the long distance with Gifted.PH online gift certificates. Great for OFW's and expats away from Manila and Philippines