How to Keep Your Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


“New Year, New You!”

“New Year gives you a clean slate.”

“New Year is a fresh start.“


These expressions are called clichés because they’re so overused that they lost their meaning. But that doesn’t mean you should fold and leave the table. While it’s true, you shouldn’t wait for January 1 to make your dreams come true, the New Year is an extra boost of motivation to get things done. Here are five ways you can be among the elite few of 2016 that will make people believe in Resolutions again.

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Resolution: Lose weight, become and stay fit

Stop doing what hasn’t worked for you in the past. Many sign-up for a discounted annual gym membership after New Year because you feel guilty about the pounds you gained over the Holidays, but they barely go anyway. If this is you, it’s not a sign, it’s a fact – the gym doesn’t work for you. Fitness is different for everyone. Try yoga with our friends from Bliss Yoga and White Space Mind and Body Wellness. If classes aren’t your thing, then do some free fitness exercises – go for a run, swim or just workout. One app that has different workouts based on how active you are is Nike Training Club. You can even set a fitness program based on your goal. Stick to that health and fitness goal even as you eat with the help of Lunchbox Diet’s calorie-counted meals.


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Resolution: Read more articles and books

For those who don’t have the habit of reading, finding the proper time and place is a challenge. Pocket is a good app that saves interesting articles you find online so you can read them offline when you’re ready. If you intend to read more books, buy the physical book first from Fully Booked so there is something tangible to remind you that “hey, you said you’ll read me.” You can move to digital format if that suits you better. Start with books your friends recommend, or be open about genres – don’t limit yourself to genres you find interesting on TV or in movies. You might even surprise yourself.


Mint Budget and Savings app

Resolution: Budget and save more

CNET recommends Mint which is a good app to help you manage your money, track spending, categorize your expenses and see them in colourful charts for your entertainment. It even has tips on saving money, ways for you to check your credit score and how to improve it. For those who don’t want to be confined by a certain format, go basic and manage your money in excel. Yup, you can do that and we won’t judge.


Quitting vices this 2016

Resolution: Quit smoking, drinking, or shopping (too much)

Quitting a habit, good or bad, is even more difficult than starting one. During tough times, remind yourself why you wanted to stop in the first place, something concrete like staying fit, feeling less tired, paying off your credit card debt. Your trigger has to be real to you. Otherwise, it will just be another failed attempt.


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Resolution: Find an actual hobby

If it doesn’t stick to you, it isn’t for you. But keep our eyes peeled and your mind open to different things. Try archery at Benel Archery in February, go hiking with the team of Uncharted Philippines in March, learn to dive with MARES in April, learn to cook with Enderun in May, find more places to visit with Best of the best: Philippines, get into arts & Crafts in June with The Craft Central, then try some baking with Just Mix in July. That one hobby that appeals to you is that one thing you will truly find interest in doing. Or your hobby might just be trying out different things!


Make 2016 the year that you make your New Year’s resolution happen.

Be the New You you always wanted to be. Start with a clean slate and have a fresh point of view.