Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Dec 24, 2015

Contributed by Tina Relampagos


We are literally hours away from Christmas! By this time, you’re both excited and worried. Excited about your family get-togethers, but worried because you’re not yet done with your Christmas shopping. What makes this part extra difficult is that you’ve already run out of ideas, and obviously, you’re running out of time. Well, here are our blogger friends to the rescue! We asked them what gift card they want to receive this Christmas and here’s what they have to say. Last Minute Christmas gift ideas

Either a Fully Booked or a Bench (Since it includes the international brands) gift card since I miss buying books and something from Charles and Keith is always nice :) - Pearl Ganzon,          

 I like travelling so I think I'll get an Uncharted Philippines gift card. - Charz Mendoza,


Chessika's last minute Christmas gift ideas

Bench (Charles & Keith) :) - Chessika Chua,


As much as I want to say anything related to food or travel, I really feel I need to have my nails done. Haha. My nails are so bad and weak that it definitely needs some lovin! :)

- Mae Agustin,


Lexie of 365storiestotell last minute Christmas gift ideas

Museum Café, anything to do with coffee.

- Lexie Puzon,


Unique gifts at Quirks with gift certificates

Quirks. I'd probably buy quirky stuff

- Miggy Azada,


Mela of Raintree Restaurants' last minute Christmas gift ideas

Cura V gift card! So I can buy and add to my growing collection of accessories :)

- Mela Sison, Raintree Restaurants


Archery classes for me! J

- Michele Magtoto, Raintree Restaurants


Lunchbox Diet is a good Christmas gift for friends who want to watch their diet

(First answer, crossed out: ) Lunchbox diet, for another short lived diet  …..(Final answer: ) Circles Buffet

- Aldous Calubad,


Yoga gift certificates at in Manila and Philippines

A Bliss Yoga Pass. I've always wanted to get serious with practicing yoga. It's the perfect activity for mind and body wellness.

- Phya, gift card, buy a rare book not available in PH :)

- Jen Sta. Ana,


Carol Ranas' last minute Christmas gift ideas

A Charina Sarte/Tan Gan RTW birdal gown for my wedding next year :) OR a month subscription to Lunchbox Diet to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle for 2016!

- Carol Ranas,


Le Bunny Bleu!! Been eyeing a pair of Oxfords from their collection.

- Elyssa Lopez,


Rosanna Ocampo gift card, can't get enough of gorgeous dresses!

- Elaine von Grabowski,


Mystery books at Fully Booked with gift certificaes

Fully Booked! For that other Gillian Flynn book I haven’t read.

- Tina Relampagos,



Bench, Fully Booked and Uncharted Philippines gift cards are your no fail choices. Designers and Cura V are also perfect for fashionistas. For more ideas, we also asked them the most thoughtful gift they have received.

Qrated's most thoughtful gifts they have ever received

The gift of experience and travel. This is great because it's always from people I would love to share memories with.               

- Pearl Ganzon,


My mom knows I hate jewelry that's made of pure yellow gold coz it makes me look like a pimp. So for Christmas, she gave me a necklace made of white gold.      

- Charz Mendoza,


Chessika's most thoughtful gift ever received 

Customized lamp from a blog reader (with my name card and photos on it:))     

- Chessika Chua,


The Hungry Employee's most thoughtful gift ever received

One of my close friends gave me this book (Developing the leader within you by John C. Maxwell) along with a very personal and touching note. I really loved the effort she gave both in buying that book and in the letter she wrote. It's really what I needed for my birthday

- Mae Agustin,


365storiestotell's most thoughtful gifts they've ever received

The most thoughtful gift I ever received is from my boyfriend Miguel (@miggyazada) last Christmas. He gave me a 3D model vintage / film camera made from scratch with a special note on it.       

- Lexie Puzon,


Give to the less fortunate.

- Miggy Azada,


Aldous' most thoughtful gift ever received 

$ (money with wings)   

- Aldous Calubad,


Phyliciamarie's most thoughtful gift ever received

A box of handwritten letters from the people I love.

- Phya,


Sandundermyfeet's most thoughtful gift ever received

A small cake from 2 of my officemates on my last day at work

- Jen Sta. Ana,


Carol Ranas' most thoughtful gift ever received

My BF prepared/ surprised me with a relaxing weekend at Tagaytay after I've been stress the whole week.       

- Carol Ranas,


Elyssa of's most thoughtful gift ever received

Someone arranged a birthday surprise for me. 

- Elyssa Lopez,


Buy Christmas gifts through gift certificates or gift cards online at in Manila and Philippines 

A diving course, complete with a weekend trip for my first dive :) as a way to help me complete my bucket list.

- Elaine von Grabowski,


Circles Event Café Buffet! Because someone thought I’m capable of eating that much.

- Tina Relampagos,


The best gift we all received is a variety of items and experiences, but they all have one thing in common – the thoughtfulness behind every gift. With your last effort to give a piece of your Christmas to your friends and family, don’t forget to be a thoughtful gift giver, because in whatever gift you give them, this is what they remember most.