8 Reasons You Fail at Meeting Goals

Starting the year right


Contributed by Tina Relampagos


Today marks the 10th day of the New Year. It also means it's been 10 days since you made that promise to yourself that 2017 is going to be "your" year. Last year, you said that too and to help you, we shared some ways to Solve New Year's Resolution Problems from losing motivation all the way to forgetting about it. This year, we're giving you some tough love by talking about why you haven't been able to stick to your big goals since the beginning of time. Why? Because 2017 IS going to be YOUR year. It may be a bit more challenging for the most part but it absolutely matters that you make it a little better by starting with yourself:


1. Forgetting WHY

When you're asked why that is your goal, what do you say? And are you convinced about your answer or does it take you a while to make a reasonable response to whoever asked? Brian Ethridge – an author, public speaker and entrepreneur – wrote in The Importance of Knowing Why that the WHY serves as your ‘vision’ because it allows you “to make decisions in absence of direction, provide alternatives, and make adjustments…” If you’re serious about checking off that lingering goal this year, figure out the reason why you want to achieve it and if you can’t, then maybe it really isn’t the goal for you.  


2. Not believing it’s DO-ABLE by YOU

Self-belief plays a big role in making anything happen. This is what Life Coach-Directory UK says that “Confidence and self-belief stem from positive thinking…” You may have a proper reason for that particular goal but after so many tries, do you still genuinely believe you can finally achieve it this time? If you are starting to have doubts but is keen on achieving that goal anyway, I suggest you start working on your self-confidence. Start with these 6 Actions You Can Take Every Day to Build Your Self-Confidence by Entrepreneur.



3. Your goals or your friends'?

It's only natural to be influenced by your friends in setting resolutions and it’s easy to be encouraged by how well they've been since achieving these goals. However, the way they’ve met their goals may not necessarily suit you. Let’s say you and your friends have a common goal on being healthy this year. So you start by exercising together, diets and so on. It’s expectedly exciting at first but if working out three times a week isn’t really your thing, it’s not going to last and it will be the same story of the year all over again. If this is the case, we suggest you start with what works for you like managing what you eat, eating healthy and counting the calories of your daily meals even at work.

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4. Out of sight, out of mind

Are you one of those surprised that a month has gone by without you even noticing it? It must have been terrible to know that 2016 was over. It's not completely bad to be surprised by this. It may mean you are dedicated to what you do that time flies quite quickly and that it surprises you. Unfortunately, that also means you forget things you’ve set out to do in the beginning of the year. One way to get over this is to go for it right away. Don’t just write it down and hope for the best. The moment you decide on that goal, get out do something that will coax you to be committed to it. For example, if you’ve been meaning to get into yoga, buy three months or a year’s worth of subscription. Yep! Make that investment.

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Start the year with Yoga with Bliss Yoga


5. Overwhelming

What are goals for if they're not ambitious, right?  Right! But there's a threshold for that – YOU. Ambition is not going to work on that goal, you are! So you have to add a bit of realism to it. The only way to do that is to chop it down to pieces you believe you can work on. If you plan to acquire a new hobby this year, start with things that can be done in the comfort of your own home and don’t rush yourself. Like cross stitching for three months and see if it clings to you or calligraphy with Youtube tutorials and art materials from Fully Booked for a few weeks to see if you get the hang of it.


6. You are Too Rigid

We start every year duly motivated that we can make this year better for us. We make plans and more plans. We start settling in to that new reality with our plans. But unexpected things happen, they always do – some good, some bad - and they derail us faaaaar away from where we are headed. It’s unnerving but it can be resolved. A good friend of mine once told me that telling others of your plans and how things are going is a tremendous help to how you can cope with changes. Another way to do it is to keep a reliable guide to give you options whenever needed. For example, if you planned to have trips throughout the year but things happen and it may not be to the exact destinations you had in mind, then open Best of the Best: Philippines. It has more than enough local travel options for you to choose from.


Make travel plans with friends


7. Fear Factor

While there are positive motivations, there are negative ones too. And desperate times require fear. “Always be afraid” is the first rule of Trollhunters (new Netflix obsesson). Fear can be a good ally in achieving goals and in reacting to the changes surrounding it: Fear of failing. Fear of ending the year in the same note you started it. Fear of embarrassing yourself. Fear of losing out. Fear of not growing. It’s something that will help keep you on your toes.


8. You are Too Tired

This. This is true. For everyone I know. Take in all the traffic, work, long hours, and whatever energy is left is just enough for you to chew your dinner, watch some TV and get ready for bed. I don’t think this requires further explanation but there is a solution: working on your holistic self. Third Eye Wellness conduct meditations, healing modalities and self-empowerment workshops that should help you address your fatigue and energy throughout the year.


We wish you all the best as you go through this year. Keep your head up high, stay grounded by being in touch with the people who matter to you and be thoughtful to your loved ones. We hope that you achieve all you set your mind to. Have a wonderful 2017!


Starting the year right