1ST MARCH 2022

RewardCo Greatly Expands Employee Engagement Program with Gifted.PH Partnership

RewardCo Cloud provides solutions for employee engagement and loyalty through programs that recognize and incentivize employee activity and performance. The company is excited to announce a new partnership with the Philippines’ most established gift certificate marketplace, Gifted.PH.

SYDNEY, Australia. March 1, 2022. -- RewardCo Cloud is a software company that provides tailored programs to improve engagement for employees, customers, partners, and members. RewardCo Cloud has immediate application in human resource management, sales, marketing, and membership growth initiatives.

The company is excited to announce a significant, new partnership with the Philippines-based company Gifted.PH. Gifted.PH is the leading personalized electronic gift certificate company in the Philippines, with strong ties to companies in the USA, Singapore, India, UAE, and Australia 

that service 200,000 employees in the Philippines. The company services 400+ Philippine companies with the intention of making gift-giving easy, affordable, and timely. 

RewardCo is expanding its reward system for employee engagement through Gifted.PH. 

Employees earn points within the reward system for almost any type of engagement activity, such as attending meetings, meeting performance objectives, and recognizing their peers. Workers can then redeem gift items with their accumulated points. The addition of Gifted.PH’s wide range of gift cards is unlocking even further potential for employers to incentivize and reward their workers. 

GIfted.PH allows for a massive selection of gift cards from a variety of partners like Amazon, Home Depot, Google Play, Xbox Live, and over 170 other vendors. It is also the official partner of Lazada, the Philippines’ #1 eCommerce site. This greatly expands the choice of vouchers and gift certificates for employees on the RewardCo platform. 

RewardCo offers a multitude of engagement programs for customers, members, students, referrals, and more. The company provides dynamic services to fit any organization’s mission. The RewardCo Engagement Cloud for employees collects your team, company goals, engagement, and wellbeing efforts all into one place. 

These internal programs save management the time needed to oversee employee benefits and promote recognition. Organizations see results in the form of increased participation, maintaining engagement of newly onboarded employees, and much more. RewardCo is trusted

by companies from all industries, such as Select Patient Care, BeforePay, Kumho Tyre, Xeta, and many more. 

For more information on the RewardCo Engagement Cloud, visit https://rewardco.com/.

About RewardCo Cloud 

RewardCo Cloud provides businesses of all sizes a next-generation participant engagement system. The RewardCo Engagement Cloud provides iron-clad engagement, recognition, and loyalty outcomes for organizations. The company boasts over 25 years of in-depth experience deploying advanced systems in the engagement sector. RewardCo’s services have been deployed in parts of Australia and Europe across different use cases and IT requirements. 

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