Rewards for every Oscar Winning Moment in your life

Mar 01, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor at the Academy Awards

Contributed by Tina Relampagos

Leonardo Di Caprio’s win at the 88th Academy Awards is a win for everyone and Kate Winslet was there to make sure he sees how we all reacted.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Academy Awards


Netizens went for an online group hug, he made sure everyone’s hears about climate change, and we’re wondering how excessively he’ll celebrate. His win is vindication for the great works he’s done for more than a decade, and boy does that feel familiar for many of us and the people we know.

Leanardo DiCaprio finally wins his Oscar


Years of hard work and dedication and still we feel like it’s not enough. But when we hit that milestone, and we do hit a milestone – promotion, graduation, marriage, kids, etc. – it feels like the world is going for a slow clap only for you. It’s the same for every hard working friend and we shouldn’t hesitate to do our part in making him or her feel like a winner. Here are our Oscar Winning gifts for every milestone:


Getting Accepted to College

Congratulate someone’s hard work in reviewing all those college acceptance tests and actually making it through with comfort food by Chelsea Kitchen.

Reward getting accepted to college with a gift certificate from Chelsea Kitchen at Gifted.PH


First Day in school

Support several more years of book-reading with even more books that they can easily find at Fully Booked!

Give Fully Booked gift certificates as prize for their first day in school



After the ceremony, run straight to the unique Yakiniku grilling experience at Sandaya Yakiniku and enjoy more Japanese cuisine favorites.

Dine in with the family after graduation at Sandaya Yakinku with gift certificates at Gifted.PH.


First Job

Teach them what it’s really like to have a Friday Fun Day for the hard workers with drinks and tapas at Rocket Room.

Drink the night away to celebrate your first job at Rocket Room with gift certificates at Gifted.PH.



Give them a well-deserved break and send them to adventures they wouldn’t have thought of going to with Uncharted Philippines.

Reward a promotion with gift certificates from Uncharted Philippines at Gifted.PH.


Getting that Dream Job

Make them feel like kings and queens with some urban pampering – haircut and customized shirts at Felipe & Sons, manicure and full body massage at Transcend Spa & Nails.


Reward them when they get their dream job with pampering from Felipe and Sons      Reward them when they get their dream job with pampering from Transcend Spa & Nails              


Owning their First House

Fill that new abode with furniture and décor that truly fits their personality with Dimensione.

Reward them for getting their first house with gift certificates from Dimensione



Let them bask in their wedded bliss with more couple time at the luxurious and exclusive Aruga by Rockwell.

Give the gift of luxurious and exclusive hotel stay at Aruga by Rockwell.


Becoming a Parent

All that sleepless nights will need some relaxing date nights too so while everyone’s giving gifts for the baby, give a gift meant for the parents with a romantic dinner at Le Jardin.

Give newly blessed parents the gift for some rest time at Le Jardin.




Less work time means more personal time and that’s just the right time to explore the beauty of the Philippines. Guide their long awaited trips with Best of the Best: Philippines.

Give retirees the travel book they deserve with Best of the Best: Philippines


Whether you’re up for your 6th academy award nomination for more than a decade, drained by months of getting ready for entrance exams, gearing up to possibly being passed over for another promotion, or nerve stricken in signing the lease for your new house, we’ve all been through tough times that always, eventually, end up in one of our best Oscar Winning type of moments. And it is in those moments that we are reminded how much we treasure where we are, what we have and who we’re with. As a thoughtful friend, sister, brother, parent, never miss these moments again and send them a gift that will put an even brighter light on their milestone


Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor at the Academy Awards