4 Things you Didn’t Know you can Send as Gifts

Jun 27, 2016

New brands at Gifted.PH

Contributed by Tina Relampagos

We, at Gifted.PH, believe that we can all be our thoughtful selves in our busy and fast-paced lives. All we need is an accessible way to do it and new ideas on how to be thoughtful. This is why the Gifted.PH team works extremely hard to help you be thoughtful with gift certificates online for any occasion and reason. This month, we’re happy to introduce to you four new brand partners that you never thought you can give as gifts but will definitely be life changers for your friends and family!


Give the gift of learning

A-1 Driving gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines

Learning how to drive is like learning how to ride a bike – you’ll never forget it. The difference is when you learn how to drive, you’ve unofficially entered adulthood. This is why this is such a big deal for teens, high school graduates, college graduates, and those getting their first ever car. And we’re proud to help you be part of their lives with this life changing gift.

A-1 Driving is synonymous to driving lessons in the whole country. With over 86 branches nationwide, A-1 Driving branded cards are a common sight in major thoroughfares. Not only are they 39 years strong, but they have built a remarkable reputation for promoting road safety among their students and brand partners. A-1 Driving has a fleet of sedans, AUVs, SUVs, MPVs and pick-ups for beginner, refresher and remedial classes. All of their courses include classroom orientation, road safety lecture and student evaluation.

Send a Gifted.PH A-1 Driving gift certificate today!


Give the gift of comfort & design

The Bowsket with round bed and washable cover by Bow House

Dog owners don’t just own dogs, they consider themselves dog parents whether they care to admit to or not. They care for them, feed them, watch over them, play with them, love coming home to them. Dog moms and dads even make their homes liveable for their precious little (and not so little) ones. It isn’t easy to find brands that think of its owners as much as the pets but we did.

Bow House’s philosophy is simple. They love dogs as much as they love good design. Dog beds and crates do not need to be an eyesore and that is why Bow House decided to create a line of modern pet furniture that was designed for both the dogs and their humans. The people behind Bow House also know the lengths humans go to make their homes look and smell nice so they also made sure that their products come with washable covers. Here are some of their products:

The Dome Home by Bow House

The Bowsket with round bed and washable cover by Bow HouseThe Muttress by Bow House

(From left to right) The Dome Home is a crate for small and medium dogs made of flowing curves and comes with a round bed and washable cover. It is much more relaxing and airy than a regular crate. The Bow Basket is for small to large dogs, made of hand welded iron and comes with a durable round bed and washable cover. It is perfect for creating a space for when your dog is playing with a bone or toy and even for sleeping. The Muttress is built for mixing and matching, washing and wearing. It has the right support and comfort and promises fluffiness for a very long time. It also comes with washable covers perfect for small to large dogs. The Doga Mat is multi-functional for adventures in the park, car rides, and lounging by the beach. It is made of ballistic nylon and, get this: waterproof fabric!

Give design-loving dog moms and dads a Gifted.PH Bow House gift certificates!


Give the gift of a bright future

SMILE Group gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines

Have you heard of STEM Methodology?  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – four pillars of this way of learning and developing kids’ potential. Education Week explains that STEM focuses on real-world scenarios, guided by engineering design process by immersing students in hands-on exploration and productive teamwork. This makes us extra excited to have this brand at Gifted.PH! SMILE Group is the premier institution in promoting modern and interactive learning experiences for children ages 1.5 to 14. In fact, SMILE Group is the only one offering multiple STEM programs in the country: SMILE Toddlers, SMILE Beginners, Engineering for Kids, and Challenge Island. For parents who want to give their toddlers an extra dose of knowledge, SMILE offers the SMILE Toddler Program meant to enhance their sense of exploration and investigation through storytelling, songs, and lots of hands-on play activities. Their little hands and growing minds will surely be kept busy through discoveries, investigations, and explorations!

SMILE Group gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and PhilippinesSMILE Group gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and PhilippinesSMILE Group gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines

While little scientists, mathematicians and engineers get to explore everything from electric circuits, the moon, an unknown planet, and everything in between with Engineering for Kids. Challenge Island has camps with whimsical project-based explorations, which usher in 21st century learning. Famous animated films inspire a couple of the camps while other camps have STEAM (That's STEM with ART!) missions and Go Green ventures.

Children will have every reason to smile when they STEM out to learn! SMILE Center is located at Unit G 3/F Linear Bldg., 142 Katipunan Ave., Brgy. St. Ignatius, Quezon City. Send your kids, nephews, nieces and godchildren the gift of learning today with SMILE Group gift certificates at Gifted.PH!


Give the gift of dance and music

Twinkle Toes gift certificates online at Gifted.PH in Manila and Philippines

Dance and music lessons are about living up to your potential, appreciating the arts and learning discipline and hard work. The problem with these though is it isn’t easy to figure out when is the best time for the kids and exactly what type of lessons they would truly appreciate. This is why we’re happy to have this new brand on board!

Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy offer a variety of dance and music lessons. They offer Baby Ballet, Classical Ballet for Kids, Teens and Adults, Contemporary Ballet, Modern Jazz, Zumba, Yoga, Bellydancing, Streetdance, HipHop, Taekwondo, Hawaiian, Gymnastics, Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, Flute Lessons, Arts Classes, Guitar Lessons, Violin Lessons, and Voice Lessons. Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy is the 1st Ballet Toddler Day Care School in the Philippines to offer Baby Ballet Classes for kids as young as 1year - 5 years old.

As Twinkle Toes puts it, all programs are especially designed to expand each student’s individual creativity and artistic abilities. Not only is it for kids, adults can try their Ballet Workout, with a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and Aerobics.

Give a Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy a Gifted.PH gift certificate today!


We truly hope you are inspired to be thoughtful with these new gifts. For more creative thoughtful gift ideas, check out these gifts for life’s milestones and other gifts for kids and children.