The Top 25 Gift Certificates to Give in the Philippines - 2018 List

Dec 02, 2018

What are the top gift cards to give in Metro Manila and the Philippines nowadays? The classic brands still remain, but there are a whole lot of other options nowadays that are gaining popularity with the advent of electronic gift certificates.  We’ve listed them down according to types of gift certificates. Here is our objective opinion and in no particular ranking:

  • Department Store Gift Cards: Some (or many) people love receiving practical gifts and there’s no gift card more practical to give than one from a department store.  You can buy just about anything with an SM Gift Pass – Groceries, appliances, clothing, and even bowling tickets! And, the best part is, anyone from any barangay in the Philippines can enjoy an SM Gift Pass! Robinsons also has a wide selection of just about anything nationwide. Whether its True Value, Top Shop or some basic essentials at Robinsons Supermarket, your recipients will thank you for such a versatile gift.   A Rustan’s gift certificate gives you access to a treasure trove of latest luxury fashion and beauty products, as well as gifts for children and the home.  Alas, SM, Robinson’s and Rustan’s don’t have electronic gift card versions yet, but Lazada does!  Lazada gift cards are trending among netizens because you can give, receive and use these gift cards without having to leave your home.  Now that’s practical AND convenient.

  • Restaurant Gift Cards: Nowadays, with so many dining options, it’s difficult to choose just one restaurant to buy a gift certificate for. Luckily, popular restaurant groups are now offering group gift cards where your recipient can just present the gift voucher to any participating restaurant concept and dine wherever they choose. There’s The Bistro Group Gift Card which gives your recipient access to 13 different restaurant concepts from good old TGI Friday’s and Itallianis to things like Buffalo Wild Wings, Modern Shanghai, Bulgogi Brothers and all day dining spots like Denny’s. And recently the Foodee gift voucher, from the renowned Foodee Global Concepts group, which lets your recipient choose from the hottest new international and local concepts in town such as Mesa, Tim Ho Wan, Pound, Todd English, Llaollao, Hawker Chan, Tsuta and Kam’s Roast.   With all these options, you will surely satisfy any food craving.

Foodee Global Concepts Gift Certificates

  • Buffet Gift Cards: Nothing spells thank you more than a treat to a buffet.  You can choose  from a wide variety of buffets nationwide, such as from Vikings, Niu, Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot, Tong Yang Plus  and Makati Shangri-la Circles Buffet.
  • The Gifted.PH Gift Card: If you want something new to give and are worried to choose the wrong gift, a generic gift card will work for you, where your recipient can be the one to choose the gift that suits them best.    The best restaurants in town, upcoming fashion designers and fitness passes are some of the things you can get with the Gifted.PH Gift Card. These are sent electronically to your recipient and your recipient can be the one to choose from Gifted’s partner brands, including the best names in food, fashion, jewelry, accessories, fitness and more.

Gifted.PH Gift Card

  • Fashion Gift Cards:  Of course, there’s the SSI Purple Card which is essentially the gift of luxury in one card. Help people splurge for themselves by giving them no choice but to buy a nicely tailored dress, a designer bag or a sophisticated comfortable pair of heels. Zalora is also a very popular gift for fashion loving people nowadays, with thousands of brand options and easy electronic gifting options, a Zalora gift card will surely be appreciated by any fashionista.  
  • Fast Food Gift Certificates:   There’s the classic Jollibee gift certificate- Put a smile to faces of young and old with this good old classic treat. Can never go wrong with a Jollibee Yum Burger! The 7-Eleven gift certificates are gaining wide popularity too, a quick and fast treat sent online to  someone you want to thank or greet.
  • Spa Gift Certificates : A gift certificate to a Spa is always a welcome gift especially for all the hard working individuals you know. The Spa and Transcend Spa and Nails are some spas that have gift certificates. Marina Bay Spa, with its spectacular view of the Manila Bay is not just a spa gift certificate but a gift of a wonderful experience.
  • Sports Gift Certificates : A Chris Sports gift certificate can get you a pair of shoes, new sports attire, the latest badminton racket or gym equipment for home. It is a simple reminder to your recipient to never forget their health. With more than 40 branches nationwide, Chris Sports is one of the most versatile and accessible gifts you can give.
  • Fitness Gift Certificates: A gift certificate for fitness classes such as yoga are also a thoughtful gift to give that lets the other person know that you are thinking about their well being.  Beyond Yoga with 4 branches  across Metro Manila, White Space Wellness and Bliss Yoga are some of the brands that carry this. There’s also other fitness gifts you can give such as a Benel Archery gift certificate with its olympic distance range located in Mandaluyong or a Mares gift certificate for diving enthusiasts.

Bliss Yoga

It’s great that there are so many electronic gift card options nowadays, sent immediately or within 24 hours to your inbox and with no deliver charge.   More and more brands are realizing this is the way to go in this increasingly digital existence. Even the traditional brands have now become more available online (though still with clunky shipping fees).  At least you don’t have to go to the mall yourself anymore and get stuck in traffic just to simply get a gift. Hope you got some ideas with this little list!