Welcome to the Future of Gift Giving

Jan 24, 2015

With our schedules getting busier than ever, sometimes, we tend to overlook simple things like the giving of gifts to our loved ones and to people who are important to us. Getting stuck on heavy traffic just to get to the mall can be a huge headache. And most of the time, the line to the cashier can be tedious, especially now that the holidays are just around the corner.

With Gifted.PH, you can skip both the traffic and long lines. You can even choose from over 80 brands! That’s not the only exciting part. With Gifted.PH, you won’t be giving the gift of a plain gift card, because the one who will receive your gift will get a personalized greeting note as well.

Greeting Cards for happy birthday, merry christmas, thank you or I love you, available together with your gift certificate or gift card at Gifted.Ph - Manila Philippines


Imagine your dad getting the Gifted.PH gift card for a restaurant. He can now savor the latest dish in one of the Metro’s sought after dining spots while pairing it with his favorite wine. What about your sister who just celebrated her birthday. With the Gifted.PH gift card you gave her, she can now get a new dress of her choice for night outs and trendy jeans for school.

For those times when you would like to give your daughter a gift that could help her buy her dream wedding gown. Perhaps gifting a tuition fee boost for your intelligent godson. Then the Gifted.PH Money Check is the perfect gift to send. The gift will be received through the means of bank transfer, PayPal or bank check.

With over 50 brands and the options to send the gift of money, Gifted is truly the best way to send your gifts made personal.

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