10TH JUNE 2015

What Gift to Give to Dad? Gift Ideas for 10 Types of Dads

Every man leaves an impression about himself on everyone he meets. The most important one is the impression he leaves on you. What do you give the person who has given you the gift of life? No gift can really top the lifelong blessings that our parents have given us, but we can attempt to give him a gift that he will cherish forever.  With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are gift ideas for 10 different types of dads.

Executive Dad: A good haircut by Felipe and Sons

For the Dad who makes world changing decisions every minute, a good pampering is a welcome change. Give your Dad the rare opportunity to relax at Felipe & Sons where he can have a proper shave, clean haircut, and a well-tailored suit while having a glass of fine whiskey. Treated like the modern gentleman that he is, in the finest grooming and styling destination in the city. What more can he ask for?

Get your Dad the pampering of his choice through a Gifted Felipe & Sons gift card: https://gifted.ph/felipe-and-sons-gift-certificates.

Felipe and Sons logo. Buy this Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online for anyone in Manila Philippines

Preppy Dad: CK one and CK be from Fresh Fragrance Bar

If style matters to the man of the house, give him that finishing touch with CK one and CK be. CK one has a subtle citrus aromatic fragrance for a lighter and brighter effect. For a more power-play scent, go for CK be which has a fresh woody fragrance and a mix of lavender, magnolia and other flora. The best part about giving perfume is that it will last for a long time and your dad will remember the gift came from you.

Get your Dad CK one, CK be or the fragrance of their choice through a Gifted Fresh Fragrance Bar gift card: https://gifted.ph/fresh-fragrance-bar-gift-certificates.

 CK one and CK be from Fresh Fragrance Bar. Buy this Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online for anyone in Manila Philippines

Travelling Dad: Estate by Fossil

When business takes your Dad away, you want to make sure he remembers you and your family wherever he goes. You want to let him know that you appreciate everything that he does and that you’re proud of him. Often, it’s difficult to find the right words and moment to say it. So when he’s away, give him a simple and very useful reminder of all these with Fossil’s Estate bags made of nautical nylon or washed leather.

Here’s a list of Fossil branches in Metro Manila: http://www.stylebible.ph/directory/shops/fossil/.

 Fossil Bag - a great gift for men like dads and husbands

Foodie Dad: Sandaya Yakiniku – Quezon City

For the Dad who absolutely lives to indulge on memorable dining experiences, bring him to Sandaya Yakinku. Sandaya Yakiniku is an authentic Japanese cuisine destination where he can grill choice cut meats – Kobe sirloin, Kobe short ribs, Kalbe eye, Kobe skirt, Wagyu – on an in-table grill imported from Japan. His indulgent experience doesn’t stop there. They have the freshest ingredients for sashimi, sushi, hot pot and ramen. Your Dad will surely be all smiles after a full meal…or even more than just a meal.

Give your Dad and your family the freedom to choose which yakiniku sets and type of meat to grill by getting a Gifted Sandaya Yakiniku gift card at: https://gifted.ph/sandaya-yakiniku-gift-cards.

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Fun Dad: Bum Bag Drinks Cooler from Quirks

If your Dad knows how to have a good time with his friends and family, then give him the convenience of a cold beer whenever he wants. Go for a Bum Bag Drinks Cooler from Quirks. This gift from Heaven is a reusable foil lined drink cooler that looks like a brown paper bag but is water-resistant and even tear-proof!

Give him this one of a kind item from Quirks and other unique finds by getting him a Gifted Quirks gift card at: https://gifted.ph/quirks-gift-cards.


Pro Dad: Golf gear and equipment

Does you Dad enjoy cool weekend afternoons golfing with buddies and business partners? Then it is a no-brainer. Visit some of the well-known local retailers of golf gear and equipment that he needs. Make it even more fun by bringing him along instead of guessing what he’ll really use.

Visit ProGear Golf (http://www.progeargolf.com/), Mizuno or PinoyGolf (http://www.pinoygolf.ph/), and other golf gear and equipment retailers.

Progear Golf Club set - A great gift for dads 

Adventurous Dad: Anilao Diving c/o Uncharted Philippines

It is rare to have a Dad who wants to explore and get active no matter how busy he gets. So why not go on a diving adventure with him in Anilao guided by the best in the country from Uncharted Philippines. If that’s not really his thing, Uncharted Philippines has more than enough options to interest him, like trekking in Ifugao Villages, visit to Palawan and so much more!

Get your Dad the gift of adventure and let him choose what he wants to explore through a Gifted Uncharted Philippines gift card: https://gifted.ph/uncharted-philippines-gift-certificates

 Anilao Day Trip for Diving. Buy Uncharted Philippines Gift Certificates and Gift Cards at Gifted.PH online

Bookworm Dad: Full Force and Effect by Tom Clancy from Fully Booked

Jack Ryan is alive and kicking. And still manages to find himself in trouble! Bring your Dad back to Jack Ryan’s conspiracies and discoveries through Tom Clancy’s latest Full Force and Effect. Indulge your Dad’s laid-back self with a hard bound, large print copy that will drift him off to adventures before he dozes off. 

Get him Tom Clancy’s latest and the book of his choice through a Gifted Fully Booked gift card: https://gifted.ph/fully-booked-gift-certificates.

Books such as Full force and effect by Tom Clancy at Fully Booked that you can get for a friend in Manila and Philippines 

Gadget Dad: Apple Watch from Galleon.PH

Some Dads just have to have the latest gadgets: trading-in his updated mobile phone for the newest model, lining-up for the most stylish tablet and coming home every week with a new accessory. We don’t think there’s any question that Apple Watch from Galleon.PH would be the perfect gift to reward him. Galleon.PH brings electronics, gadgets and other items you cannot easily find in our local stores, right to your doorstep.

Up your Dad’s game by giving him imported electronics and gadgets of his choice through a Gifted Galleon.PH gift card: https://gifted.ph/galleonph-gifted-gift-certificates.

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Fan Dad: Collectibles from Kramer Toy Warden

For the Dad who is proud to be a Star Wars, Marvel and DC fan, let him go crazy over hundreds of collectibles he can conveniently choose from online. With Kramer Toy Warden, you can give him cute Funko Pop! Marvel characters, action figures from Han Solo to Emperor Palpatine, or Funko Pocket Pop! Batman.

Choose a collectible that will make your Dad smile from Kramer Toy Warden: http://www.kramertoywarden.com/#.

Star wars collectibles from Kramer Toy Warden

This list is a great start to prepare yourself for another memorable Father’s Day celebration.  Of course the most heartfelt way to celebrate the occasion is by spending time with him, even online, or leaving him a personal and simple message saying just how special he is to you. But surely everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift, even dads who have everything.