Why Giving Gift Cards Is The Way To Go

Dec 03, 2014

Imagine getting a tacky sweater from an aunt you haven’t seen in ages or a book that you already have a copy of. Picture the nightmare of getting a lipstick or a blush-on that would look hideous on you. And months from now, these gift items would just gather dust in a corner without you giving it a glance or second thought.

Admit it. You get disappointed with the several gifts you receive every year. Likewise, you know that you’ve given gifts that are not so great and you are also unsure if the receiver would actually love what you picked out for them.

Giving gift cards has been a growing trend for the past few years. We all know that sending gifts is inevitable. There are several holidays throughout the year that makes us feel generous and thoughtful – there’s Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baptismals, anniversaries, etc. As thoughtful as we want to be, there are several things that get in the way. On the top of the list is the lack of time to choose and shop due to very busy schedules. Most career men and women have so many things to juggle and shopping just isn’t their top priority. Second is it is difficult to pick out what people actually want and need. It happened to you time and again so it is happening to lots of other people as well. And sometimes, people think that sending gift certificates is a bit impersonal.

That’s where Gifted.PH comes in. Gifted.PH solves all problems you can think of when sending gifts. Gifted.PH is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So anytime you have a need for a gift, you can quickly find one in Gifted.PH with just a few clicks. When sending gift cards, you also send the gift of choice. You may choose the brand or establishment of your gift, but the receiver has the freedom to enjoy shopping and choosing what he or she loves the most from that shop. And what’s best is, Gifted.PH gift cards come with a personalized greeting and a suggested gift item. This is just the thing you need.

With over 50 brand and establishment as partners, you will definitely be able to find a gift card that is suitable for the person you have in mind.Gifted.PH gift cards homepage screen Manila