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About Nintendo Eshop

Nintendo eShop is a digital store on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems. Players can access information about the latest games, download free demos and purchase digital software. Parents can restrict purchases and access to information about games based on their age rating on Nintendo eShop using Parental Controls. This gift voucher is for a 20 USD Nintendo E-shop code. Enjoy your gift!


HOW IS IT SENT?  Your recipient will receive this as an email or voucher pdf file.

HOW DO I REDEEM? Fill out this form to request for your unique voucher code.  Once you have received it, from the console home menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon. Select "Balance" or press the + button. Select "Redeem a Nintendo Prepaid Card”. Enter the code printed on receipt when requested. The load will be provivded within 1-3 working days.

Terms and Conditions: The gift certificate is valid immediately after receiving it.  It has no expiry date, is non-refundable, non-convertible to cash, is for one time use only and cannot be used in conjunction with other promos or discounts. Extra charges will apply to items purchased in excess of the value of the gift certificate. Both Gifted.PH and the merchant are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificate. The Merchant is responsible for the quality of their own products and services.

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