Gift Certificates vs Traditional Gifts: Which is the Smarter Option?


Most people find satisfaction from buying gifts for their loved-ones. However, this isn’t always a smart choice especially among those who don’t have much time to spend in stores trying to find the gifts that perfectly suit their family and friends. And at this age, many are thankful that the option of giving away gift cards has emerged.


Now that it’s already way past midyear and with the gift-giving months are just around the corner, you can already start planning your gift ideas. As early as now, it is wise to explore your options when it comes to gift giving. And as choosing between traditional gifts and gift certificates could be a major challenge, we’ve done the research for you.


In this article, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages that come with the two options. Read on.

A Comparison between Gift Certificates and Traditional Gifts

Gift Certificates

As defined, gift certificates come in the form of vouchers and are usually given as gifts that can be exchanged in stores as they come with a specific cash value. Even if they are not a legal tender, they are considered good as cash. There is already a range of gift certificates from various merchants and this only means more options for those who want to use these as gifts.


  • Gift certificates don’t have expiration dates. This gives the recipients the freedom to use them whenever they want.
  • You can make the most of their value. While gift certificates are not convertible to cash, DTI has made it clear that their entire value can be exhausted in the same department store, even on a different date from the original purchase.
  • Eliminate the guesswork in gift-giving. There are lots of times when gift-giving becomes less meaningful when you end up making the wrong choice or finding a present that the recipient has already received countless times. These problems can be eliminated with gift certificates as recipients are given the freedom to choose the gift they want best.
  • Save your precious time and effort. During the gift-giving season, department stores get crammed up with shoppers which make a trip to the mall time and effort-draining. When you don’t have much time to spare, gift certificates make the best option to ensure that no one will be missed out from your list.
  • It’s a practical choice. For people who find value in giving gifts that are easily appreciated, but without going beyond their budget, gift certificates is the way to go. Not only can it save time and effort, it also allows one to be more in control of his/her spendings.
  •  Electronic gift certificates from more than 120 brands in the Philippines are available through Gifted.ph, offering practical gift suggestions for a range of occasions.


  • It lacks personal touch. One downside in giving gift certificates is the lack of personal touch. It may be perceived as an ordinary gift that can be given to anyone, without considering the recipient’s personal preferences.


Traditional Gifts

Even at this age, many people still prefer to go the traditional route of giving gifts. Buying presents in stores, whether from a brick and mortar shop or an online retail store, still offers excitement and satisfaction.


  • Boxed presents bring excitement. Opening gifts is not a child thing. In fact, even adults find great excitement in seeing wrapped presents.
  • Traditional gifts reflect added effort. The time and effort spent in finding gifts are a plus that make recipients feel more special, thus adding value to the act of gift giving.
  • They create better responses. Nothing can satisfy a gift-giver better than finding a gift that the recipient is sure to love and that is possible by way of giving traditional gifts.
  • ‘Real’ presents are more personal. Finding traditional gifts that a person desires create a personal connection especially when you already know what the person wants without even having to guess or ask.
  • Dissatisfaction. Gift-hunting isn’t that simple and even if you know the person so well, there are factors that may keep you from finding the perfect presents. These includes budget constraints, gift unavailability, or not having enough time to search. Dissatisfaction could be at the end of the receiver or with the giver, especially when one fails to see the reaction he/she expects or when the gift ends up in the storage.



Gift-giving, in whatever form, should entail positive thoughts. Finding the best gift is not an easy task and if you are to receive one, be a grateful recipient. After all, you’ll agree that it’s the thought that counts.


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