How to Market Your Business through Gift Cards and Other Trends

Apr 14, 2020

by Ryan Gamilla.

Business owners are always on the hunt for effective marketing trends that will help them promote their products or services. In a fast-paced industry, owners need to utilize various marketing techniques. In this way, they can attract relevant customers and compete with other brands. Read on to find out the top seven marketing trends that you can use to your advantage and help your business grow.

Advantages of Gift Cards

An excellent marketing strategy encourages customers to buy more and purchase from your brand again in the future. This results in greater customer loyalty, which is what characterizes successful businesses. One way for you to do this is by promoting multiple purchases by offering your patrons gift cards (GCs).

A long time ago, GCs were considered last-minute options for presents. But these days, a gift card is seen as a simple yet powerful tool for business growth. For instance, a GC persuades consumers to spend more. Most businesses offer gift cards to customers who hit a prescribed purchase amount.

Businesses benefit from this strategy because customers are encouraged to buy extra items to meet the amount indicated on the GC. On top of that, GCs offer a bonus reward if the customer gives the GC to another person. After all, it provides a free referral system for your business. Hence, gift certificates can help you generate more sales.

But to make it work, gift certificates should be presented appropriately. Thus, businesses need to personalize their GCs. The gift cards should be well-designed to attract customers, for instance. An eye-catching GC has the power to make customers eager to give their GC to a loved one. Additionally, businesses must make sure that their GCs are visible to customers. This involves strategic placement of the GCs on your website or physical store.

Popularity of M-Commerce

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets comes with the popularity of mobile commerce (m-commerce). M-commerce describes the process of buying and selling goods through one’s smartphone or a tablet. In m-commerce, owners and customers do not require a desktop computer for a successful transaction. These transactions are made through apps, websites, or social media.

Owners need to utilize different techniques for successful m-commerce. Since smartphones and tablets are smaller than a desktop, some features of an online shop on these smaller gadgets may be different from the standard shop interface when viewed on a computer. Hence, businesses should set aside a budget for apps and web designs to address the needs of customers who shop on their smartphone or tablet. After all, every customer deserves an excellent user experience. This way, businesses can attract and retain the right customers.

Prevalence of User-Generated Content

The popularity of electronic and mobile commerce does not take away the preference for brand engagement. As a result, customers still value their connection with businesses. This phenomenon started the trend of user-generated content (UGC).

UGC involves using images, videos, blogs, and forums that are created by a customer then shared on different online platforms. This strategy is excellent for influencing buying behavior. It is worth noting that a customer is not paid for his or her comments about a brand. Hence, UGC shows customers the value of authenticity, which fosters greater brand loyalty.

Since most transactions on the internet do not allow personal inspection of an item, customer reviews generate the trust needed to encourage a consumer to purchase a product or service. Hence, good reviews are a bug help to businesses who want to successfully market its products and services.

Effective Influencer Campaigns

Before, only celebrities were asked to advertise an item. But the rising popularity of vlogging has paved the way for the influencer marketing. Now, businesses work with YouTube and vloggers to promote their brand. Since these influencers have a lot of followers on YouTube and other social media accounts, it’s easy for them to reach more people. More often than not, these audiences belong to different age groups and demographics.

However, businesses shouldn’t just collaborate with anyone who has a significant following on social media. Rather, companies need to team up with influencers who can properly represent their brand. For instance, it is recommended that a teenage make-up line work with a teen blogger than a middle-aged influencer.

Enriched In-App Ads

In-app ads can also help you to market your brand effectively. Since numerous people use mobile apps, businesses can reach millions of people by using them. With the improved user experience of mobile apps, companies can use in-app ads to their advantage. For instance, these ads can take the form of native, videos, banners, and full-screen ads. Due to these ads and targeting strategies, your business has the opportunity to reach the right customers.

Location-Targeted Ads

Acase study for app marketing strategy reveals that location is an integral part of executing an effective ad. This strategy involves using the location provided by customers to send out relevant ads. For instance, if a person's smartphone location feature is on, businesses can offer their nearby products and services to that specific user. This trend can attract consumers since they may be tempted to avail nearby services. Moreover, location-based marketing allows customers to find accessible establishments for their needs. This way, businesses can introduce and re-introduce their brands to nearby customers.

Personalized Ads

Aside from location-based ads, it is also helpful for businesses to tailor ads based on aspects such as age and online behavior. After all, companies need to utilize a lot of data to create targeted ads for prospective customers successfully. Most often, artificial intelligence is used in this strategy since it involves predicting consumer behavior. Moreover, these ads foster greater customer engagement since customers feel like the transaction is personal.

Marketing your products and services is not an easy feat. But through these strategies, you can drive greater sales and boost customer engagement. Through the proper use of marketing trends, be ready to attract new and returning customers to your business!